The Kolinahr Museum Launches

Jordino Delos Santos is maybe the biggest collector of Vulcan screen used props & costumes from Star Trek.  Ever since the It’s A Wrap auctions in 2006-8, Jordino has been collecting, cataloging and preserving Vulcan costumes.

Now he has finally published his website that catalogs and displays high quality photography of every one of his artifacts.  he has called this website “The Kolinahr Museum” and it is the best Star Trek prop & costume website I have seen.

Jordino displays everything in a “museum” format, and the text supports that you are looking at a collection from some futuristic museum.  He even has a mission statement:

“ The Mission of The Kolinahr Museum is to collect, preserve, study, exhibit, and stimulate the appreciation for and advance the knowledge of Vulcan art and artifice, that collectively represent the broadest spectrum of Vulcan achievement and culture.”
So make sure you add The Kolinahr Museum to your list of must see Star Trek prop & costume websites!


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