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When I was at Christie’s I met a fantastic guy named Tom Spina. He owns Tom Spina Designs and is an amazing artist who does everything from props and costumes to special displays and work with latex. The last is important for Star Trek collectors with all the latex props and appliances that we are seeing from IAW. As I always say, these will degrade over time, and Tom can help you solve that. His speciality is unique display and restoration solutions for foam and latex pieces. More importantly, he is just the nicest guy and a pleasure to chat with.

Tom is the guy on the right

One thought on “Tom Spina Designs

  • April 23, 2007 at 2:43 am

    Tom is a great artist. He knows the craft and it shows throughout his creations. He’s a true fan of the movies. I’m still in awe of the wampa that he made for me a few years ago(shown in pic…the hairy one on the left). THAT was a time we both will not forget. He’s a great friend too.


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