These Are The Voyages Season 3 on Kickstarter!

Finally!  The long awaited final volume in the definitive account of the making of the original Star Trek TV Series is ready to go to the printer. And you can help by getting your copy on Kickstarter and help the Axanar film project at the same time.
If you don’t know of These Are The Voyages, it is a series of three books detailing the making of Star Trek: The Original Series.  The first two volumes have been released over the last two years, and the third volume is waiting to go to print.  And you can make that happen and get a copy by Christmas!
Season 3  is 754 pages long and includes 456 photographs. However, Jacobs Brown Press has decided to delay publication until sometime in 2015 to allow more fans to discover Season One and Season Two. Author Marc Cushman wants it out sooner, and so do many who have already read Season One and Season Two. So we are launching this Kickstarter to get Season Three published this year.  And you can get your copy before anyone, as well as get discounted copies of the first two volumes.

OK, why dawdle here when you can go over to Kickstarter and find out all the info, see a video from author Marc Cushman and find out why every TOS fan must have these books!

Go here:

And help get Star Trek history printed!


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