The Klingon Death Sting, Part II

Well, Brett Jones (Federation Surplus) and I talked about this item and agreed it was probably worth about $ 300-350 even though it is a replica, so I bid $ 355 and I won the Death Sting at $ 321. A fair price for a replica with a holster. I am buying a Gorkon Disruptor replica from Daryl Hyde for $ 175, so figure this one comes with a holster and is worth the extra $ 150 -175.

A Real Death Sting (Sold in a Profiles in History auction)

Another photo of a real one.

The fake Death Sting from eBay

Chang/Gorkon Disruptor

I am going to do an article on this and the other replicas of the Death Sting out there. Darryl has been good about sharing information and photos with me, and I talked about this with Scott Brodeen, a prop maker who has been heavily involved with Star Trek over the years and was familiar with the prop. Daryl has sent me a bunch of photos of both real and fake Death Stings and has given me permission to use them in my blog.

A Death Sting kit

Since this is such an old piece, and has practically no screen time, it is a prop that has received very little attention, outside of the Icons piece in my previous post. I will have the photos up as soon as I get it and will dig for more photos of an original prop.

Also, you should note that the seller of this prop is selling ST: TMP patch sets as real. Even IAW doesn’t have that many patches. Again, the seller claims they came from someone who worked on the movie. Like this Disruptor, good if you buy them knowing it is a replica.

Thanks to Daryl Hyde for all the photos and info!


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