Profiles “Hollywood Auction” # 49 Preview

The OTHER Star Trek auction this week is the regular Profiles in History Hollywood Auction # 49.  There isn’t a lot of Star Trek compared the the Drier Collection.  In fact there are only 12 items, and 4 of them are paperwork.

But after yesterday’s Drier Auction (results here), most of us who aren’t millionaire’s are tapped out.  But frankly, the two big pieces here are not for your average collector!

First and foremost is the most important Captain Kirk costume ever to come to market.  An early first season, William Shatner, gold velour Captain’s tunic.  I actually discovered this costume as you probably know, and myself and 3 TOS costume experts, James Cawley, Gerald Gurian and Rger Romage, all helped authenticate it.  It has been screen matched to both “This Side of Paradise” and “Shore Leave”, and there is a 25 page authentication report that accompanies it.  You can see it in iCollector here.

It has an estimate of $ 80-100,000.  Where will it go?  $ 125,000 for sure.  That is my guess and what I valued this at based on previous auctions.  Most importantly, a Spock that went for $ 130,000 and another that recently went for $ 100,000 (thought that was with pants). 

The significance of this piece cannot be understated.  it is the oldest Kirk tunic that has come to market and it is also in the best condition of any velour of Kirk’s.

Here is a review of the other 11 items:

The four pieces of Star Trek paperwork certainly came out of a collection because of the ridiculous prices some paperwork received at the last  Profiles auction, which I wrote about here

Lot 903-905 are just letters from Gene Roddenberry and not particularly interesting.  Lot # 906 is a set of three TOS scripts, one of which appears to be Gene Roddenberry’s personal script, but it is hard to tell.  None the less, the lot of TOS scripts is an interesting piece of Star Trek history.  I don’t collect scripts so I will pass, but some do and you should look at this lot.

 Lot 907 – USS Enterprise Decals from The Original Series.

VERY COOL!   You got to love these.  I can’t believe something so important yet so fragile is still around, and I think it very cool.  I will not be surprised to see this go over $ 10,000.  I wish we had photos of all 4 sheets!

(4) SHEETS OF (250+) VINTAGE U.S.S. ENTERPRISE NCC-1701 DECALS FOR FILMING MODELS FROM STAR TREK: THE ORIGINAL SERIES. – (NBC-TV, 1966-69) Four vintage wet transfer-type decal sheets specifically designed for use as replacements on the Star Trek: The Original Series 11-foot and 3-foot filming miniatures of the U.S.S. Enterprise on the Howard Anderson visual effects stage on the Desilu Studios lot between 1966-69. 
This item is really exciting, though not something I would have in my collection with so little money to spread around!

Lot 908 “Nona” Necklace from “A Private Little War”.  I have seen the top from this costume in someone’s collection, so I hope they get this necklace to go with it.  Otherwise, pretty uninteresting.

Lot 910, a First Contact EVA Phaser Rifle.  We just saw one yesterday that went for $ 3,250, so this one should go for less.  If you are a Phaser Rifle completest like me, you need one of these.

Lot 911 Boomerang Phaser – TOTALLY wrong description.   
“This boomerang style phaser is worn by Kate Mulgrew “Captain Janeway” in the Voyager episode, “Endgame”, and is only used in this episode. This style phaser is the basis for the phasers used in Nemesis”
The phaser they are talking about is a Dolphin Phaser and this is not this one.  UGH. 

Lot 912 is the Khan Wrist Communicator and Chest Strap

Very cool and would be perfect for that Khan costume that The Prop Store sold last summer.  Whoever bought that costume needs this! (I am like a prop and costume matchmaker).  I haven’t screen matched this so can’t venture to guess to its authenticity.

Lot 913 Mark IX Hero Medical Tricorder

There have been so many Tricorders and the one in the Drier Auction went at a pretty reasonable price.  This is a medical Tricorder and I assume authenticated with Michael Moore from HMS who is THE authority on these since he designed and made them.   

Finally, the other great item is a piece of the original TOS Enterprise bridge.  But not just any item, but the translight of the Enterprise.

Lot 914 Screen Used USS Enterprise Bridge Panel

This panel originally sold in the first Propworx Star Trek auction in 2010 for $ 14,000.  So it will be interesting to see what it goes for here. 

Here is the Profiles description:

ORIGINAL SCREEN-USED U.S.S. ENTERPRISE BRIDGE PANEL FROM STAR TREK: THE ORIGINAL SERIES – (NBC-TV, 1966-1969) Original 12 in. x 10 in. monitor graphic from Star Trek: The Original Series. This screen was created for and used on the bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprise from the first pilot episode all the way through to the end of the third season. The monitor graphic was situated directly to the left of the main helm console on the outer ring of stations. Once the series ended, the set was dismantled and donated by Desilu to the UCLA Drama Department. When UCLA decided to abandon the set in 1970, Mike Jittlov (of The Wizard of Speed and Time) rescued this treasured set piece. The graphic panel consists of overlaid multi-colored gels sandwiched between glass panes. Black gaffing tape on edges holds the panes together. The panel served as the light emit- ting graphic screen atop a light box. A paper label is affixed to lower left, which reads (in full): “Original Enterprise Screen from the Star Trek Bridge Set Liberated by Mike Jittlov as the set was being demolished at UCLA in 1970”.

My guess is this goes for over $ 20,000.  So many lesser props have gone for crazy money and this is a very significant piece of Star Trek history.

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