Premier Props Revises Data Head Listing

Premiere Props has actually revised the listing of their Data Head listing.  Kudos to them for doing so.

The new listing:

Data’s screen used severed head. “Star Trek: The Next Generation” had many remarkable episodes, but perhaps one of the most memorable and unusual was “Phantasms” in which Brent Spiner as “Data” is mysteriously inflicted with nightmares, something androids should be immune to by design. This is Data’s hero screen used head from the opening scenes of the film, wherein he interrupts a group of very anachronistic pick-axe miners hacking away at the ship’s warp-drive, only to have his arms and head removed forcibly by them in retaliation. Beautifully crafted from “Data colored” foam latex, with faux-hair, eyelashes, and very realistic plastic eyes, with “Data colored” irises. The severed neck exposes his instruments, circuits and tubing. Crew members and independent collectors have verified the authenticity of this item. Comes with a COA from Premiere Props. Head is approx. 12″x 10″x 8″.
Just goes to show you how being proactive can have a result.

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