Premier Prop’s Data’s Head

In the upcoming Premier Props Auction, there is a Data Head, supposedly from Time’s Arrow.  

Now there is always lively conversations on the Star Trek Prop, Costume & Auction Forum whenever something isn’t right with an item at auction.  And in this case Angelo Cifaldi was the one who did the screen capping and brought up that something didn’t look right.  He produced this screen cap comparison with the offered item.

Now Angelo notes that something looks off about the left side of the head, and the electronics change from photo to photo.  Others noted that there is something off about the left side of the mouth.  And the head isn’t weathered as in the screen caps.

Then Kent Karemaker posted this photo from “Phantasms”, and the general agreement is that this head seems to match.  

I will be going to Premier Props to inspect everything, and will get more detailed photos and info next week.


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