More Fraud on eBay!

OK, this guy is probably the biggest Star Trek prop fraudster on eBay. emma198302

He has sold real props from Christie’s in the past, but now he is trying to defraud collectors as he claims he has multiples of original props from Christies. This is all a lie.

Here’s why:

1) He claims to have 3 or 4 of each different item from the Christie’s auction, when the auctions themselves only had one, two or three of the item.

2) He uses photos that were taken at Christie’s preview for the Phaser Rifle as he doesn’t even have the item! He uses one photo for lot # 69 (Type 1 – EVA rifle) and another photo for lot # 64 (4-Type 3 Phaser Rifles)

3) He is selling Tricorders that he claims have sound. Tricorders NEVER had sound as that was an effect dropped in later.

4) He has been selling fake PADD’s for months.

I have asked him pointed questions and he has basically blown me off. A few of my prop collecting friends have asked him questions and gotten crappy answers.


His completed auctions are PADDs that are obvious reproductions, yet he sells them as real with a “COA”. This just goes to show you that a COA is MEANINGLESS unless it is specifically attached to a piece and is from a recognized authority. The It’s a Wrap COAs are the best ones I know of as they are attached to a specific item only, have a photo of the item, and come from a source we know is selling from Paramount.

One very high profile collector bought one of these PADDs and then returned them after he said they were cheap knock offs.

PLEASE report this guy to eBay. Go to his items and go to the bottom and click on “Report This Item” and go through the process. The more of us that do it the more of a chance we have of eBay kicking this loser.

He sold one of these already. Now he claims to have more. He uses the same photo, which is Christie’s lot # 207. This was the ONLY one like this sold at Christie’s.

Only two of these were in the Christie’s auction – Lot # 199
We believe he actually won that lot, because he sold these off previously.

Four of these were in the Christie’s auction – Lot # 199
He claims he has four of them, but he sold one previously here.

This is a photo from the preview at Christie’s. Plus only one of these was auctioned off. Lot # 69

He is selling Tricorders with lights and sound. Tricorders NEVER had sound. That was a special effect added in post production. He is selling three of these now.

Finally the fake PADDs he has been pawning off as real ones with a “COA” from Paramount. One of my collecting buddies bought these after buying a bunch of real props from the guy and said they were TOTAL CRAP

2 thoughts on “More Fraud on eBay!

  • April 27, 2007 at 1:29 am

    I noticed that he has pulled his autions. I guess the fire was getting too hot for him.

  • April 27, 2007 at 1:34 am

    Yes he has! Congrats to everyone who put the pressure on him!



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