It’s a Wrap Hollywood eBay auctions – Week 2 results

The second week of Star Trek auctions on eBay from It’s a Wrap Hollywood ended today with 69 of the 100 lots selling. 30 lots did not sell because they did not hit the reserve price. 1 had a ridiculous starting bid that wasn’t met. This was similar to last week, when 33 lots did not hit reserve. There has been lots of grumbling amongst Star Trek collectors who see it as a lack of understanding of the market by It’s a Wrap Hollywood, who simply cannot continue to have 1/3 of its auctions fail to sell.

What is interesting is that many of the items that had unrealistic auctions in week 1 have appeared in week 3, relisted without reserves. The week of Christmas is always the worst sales week of the year on eBay. But collectors don’t stop paying for the things they really want. None the less, It’s a Wrap Hollywood used the week to put a lot of small, less desirable background props on this week’s auctions. 22 items, mostly bags and fabric went for under $ 100.

The Tom Paris Voyager Uniform went for $ 3,650, topping the auction. Considering one is available at a prominent prop retail site for $ 3,000 (with the com badge, which the auction didn’t have), one could say this was well above market value. Manny Coto’s Admiral’s uniform from “Enterprise” went for $ 2,739, which was very strong for a non-star uniform. Granted Coto was the Executive Producer for the final season of Enterprise, but still, he was merely a guest on the show and so this is a costume that should have gone in the $ 1,000 range. Two well known prop collectors bid this one up, which is even more surprising. But the eventual winner filmwelt-Berlin, a deep-pocketed German prop collector, is know for paying high prices for Trek memorabilia.

The third highest priced auction was an interesting one, the “Enterprise” alternate universe Starfleet uniform for the “Avenger NX-09. This blue jumpsuit had both the Terran Empire patch and the Avenger NX-09 patch. A great piece, it went high for a background player (my high bid was $ 1,100) but certainly is very desirable, as all alternate universe pieces are. Rounding out the top five were two props.

The highest priced prop sale was two “Enterprise” control panels which went for $ 2,000. Prop prices were high in the Christie’s auction, and they continue to be in the eBay auctions. After that was a Jem’Hadar Kar’takin, the bladed weapon of the Dominion Warriors from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. It went for $ 1,125.

Here are some prices realized and some sales that didn’t close because of high reserves:


Voyager Tom Paris Uniform $ 3,650

Manny Coto “Enterprise” Admiral’s Uniform $ 2,739

Mirror Universe Terran Avenger Uniform $ 2,225

Jem’Hadar Kar’takin $ 1,125

Enterprise Maco uniform $ 1,025


Star Trek Type 3 Phaser Rifle $ 2,125

Star Trek Voyager faux phasers $ 1,600 (Never hit opening bid)

Enterprise Klingon Bat’leth $ 1,525

Star Trek Voyager B’Lanna Torres Uniform $ 1,026

Star Trek Type 3 Phaser Rifle $ 1,025

Another 100 auctions have been listed by It’s a Wrap Hollywood this week. The selection is better than last week, and features a Klingon Costume, a Dax uniform from DS9 and some other nice uniforms and props from DS9 and Enterprise especially. Significantly, the MACO assault kit, Xindi costume and Klingon Disruptor from “Enterprise” have all been re-listed without reserves after failing to sell in week 1.

So what did I get in Week 2? The Quark’s Bar Root Beer bottle ($ 350.99). I am a huge DS9 fan and my all time favorite DS9 scene is in “The Way of The Warrior” where Quark has Garak (my favorite Star Trek character) try Root Beer. Garak finds it “vile”! Quark then tells Garak how Root Beer is like the Federation (so bubbly and cloy and happy) and the more you drink the more you like it. To which Garak responds “It’s insidious!” with a smile on his face. CLASSIC!

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