It’s a Wrap eBay auctions – Week 40 Results

Week 40 Results

Well, I need to do this review, but I am so steaming about IAW right now, that I have decided to make it short. I have a fun weekend of paintball ahead of me with about 400 other players on a field in Florida, so I am not going to let all this crap with IAW ruin that.

The Saavik Maroon lot went for $ 5,600. This had previously gone to a zero feedback bidder. I think this is overpriced considering the jacket isn’t Saavik’s. Cool none the less. I am a huge Robin Curtis fan, so I like that the elements are hers.

The White Radiological Suit at $ 2,717 is marred by being bid up by a zero feedback bidder. The winner is contesting the sale with IAW and after getting bid up on the Gorkon two weeks ago, I know he is not happy. This appears to be shill bidding. I don’t kn ow who is doing this, but these are items that were won by zero feedback bidders a few weeks ago and are being relisted. Usually IAW gives bidders over a month to pay for items, but interestingly, they are relisting these after only 2-3 weeks.

The Maroon Starfleet Officer’s uniform went for $ 2,247 which isn’t bad. It had no belt, but was otherwise rather nice.

I love the Valkris Klingon Operative costume that my buddy Aaron won. A great costume with the head dress too! At $ 2,125 a fair deal for a great costume.

Now, after the top 5 we start seeing some very good deals.

The Worf Starfleet Uniform lot at $ 1,779 went to my good buddy Dana and it was a good deal for a screen used Worf.

I won the Enterprise Klaang/General K’Vagh costume at a fantastic $ 1,525. This costrume comes with boots and we have rarely seen that with a Klingon costume!

The Joachim costume lot, which included the iconic vest went for a reasonable $ 1,324, which I think is a very good deal for what you get here.

The tan Class A costume from ST: TMP was a beauty and went for $ 1,280. Incorrectly listed as a male costume, the high heels indicate it is a female costume.

Amazing deals were to be had below $ 600:

A Brown Class B Starfleet uniform at only $ 587 was a great deal for a cool uniform. The Epsilon IX patch is not correct, but still, this is a great deal. But the deals get better….

A female TNG Red Command Uniform jumpsuit went for only $ 566. An awesome price for a beauty of a uniform.

The adult Naomi Wildman uniform from the Voyager episode “Shattered went for an insane $ 520. This was crazy. I can’t believe a character costume went so cheap!

The Hirogen costume went to Martin from Berlin at only $ 511. These went for over $ 3,000 at Christie’s!

A Voyager Red Command costume went to my good buddy Jeff at only $ 510! Jeff has scored some great deals lately. A wise bidder.

The Starfleet Crewman jumpsuit at $ 483 is crazy as well. These two were going for twice this a month ago.

My friend Jason won the Gold Operations Uniform from TNG at only $ 480. That is half what these sold for in Vegas.

The Voyager Blue Sciences Uniform went for $ 471. Pretty darn cheap and these were going for $ 800 in Vegas which I thought was cheap.

The Biege Starfleet Class B Uniform went for $ 334. Incorrectly listed as a male version, it is a female version in actuality.

A brown Class A Starfleet Uniform went for $ 286. It had a bio-monitor buckle, but an Epsilon IX patch.

I won the ST: TMP Brown Class B Uniform shirt went for $ 255. Considering that the bio-monitor buckle itself went for $ 327.

As far as props go:

You know it is a bad week in props when a non-descript Starfleet Medical Scanner is the top prop. UGH, this was not very interesting, but hit $ 1,250.

The DS9 Starfleet Projection Data PADD went for $ 1,050 to my British buddy Willie, who is a crazy PADD collector.

I won theLot of Bottles” at $ 695 and was pretty happy as my max bid was twice this. I have two friends who each want a specific bottle from this lot, so it is fun to win something and help your buddies out.

After this, there was a bunch of weapons, but it is getting late and I need to be up early.


Best Costume of the Week: The Valkris Klingon Operative costume was clearly the coolest item of the week.

Best Prop of the Week: The “Lot of Bottles” was the best in an AWFUL week for props.

Best Buy of the week: Well, look above. There were a TON of great deals!

Worst Buy of the week: Nothing really crazy this week.

Sleeper of the Week: The adult Naomi Wildman uniform at $ 520. A character costume at this price is AWESOME.


Star Trek: Saavik Maroon lot at $ 5,600.

Star Trek: White Radiological Suit at $ 2,717

Star Trek: Maroon Starfleet Officer’s uniform at $ 2,247

Star Trek: The Valkris Klingon Operative costume at $ 2,125

Star Trek: The stunt Captain Picard costume at $ 1,780.


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