It’s a Wrap eBay auctions – Week 38 Results

Week 38 Results

I know I am getting this up AFTER Week 39 closed, so my apologies. But I am traveling again, and it is just really tough on my schedule. I have two interviews I will be adding, one with Brett Jones of Federation Surplus, and one with Jason Stevens, a big collector friend and one of the first members of the Star Trek Prop, Costume and Auction Forum.

The issue with the zero feedback bidders has slowed down a bit, though isn’t gone entirely and one really needs to check your bid history after you win something. I don’t know that IAW has actually done anything, and maybe the zero feedback bidder who ruined dozens of auctions is gone for the moment. IAW still isn’t requiring a PayPal account.

One of the top two items of the week, the Scotty Class A Starfleet Uniform from ST: TMP was won at $ 7,100 by a zero feedback bidder and so it will be interesting to see if this is re-listed. We are starting to see re-lists in Week 40 of items from that zero feedback bidder of a few weeks ago.

Week 38 saw some great bargains. Prices are coming down for anything that isn’t a key hero prop/costume.

On to the auctions:

The top costume was the T’Pol Season 3 jumpsuit that was distressed. OK, I might be able to understand $ 7,100 for a T’Pol, but when it is distressed? No way, this one went way too high.

The Cardassian Legate Damar costume caused quite a stir as it is such an important costume for DS9. At $ 3,050 I think it went about right. It has both a wrist communicator and a rare Cardassian badge. A candidate for Costume of the Week.

Right behind the Damar was the Gorkon costume. It sold for one penny less at $ 3,049.99! A nice costume, though the belt is wrong, this is cool in that it has the phaser wound hole in it.

The Captain Picard Civilian costume from “Starship Mine” went pretty strong at $ 2,325. I think civilian costumes, even a Picard, shouldn’t be much higher than $ 2,000, because I think it will be tough to get that in a subsequent sale. But if that isn’t what you are concerned about, then no problem.

The basic Cardassian military uniform went for $ 2,325, which is about right. These are great costumes and I know a bunch of my friends were after these. I highly recommended these, especially if you like DS9!

The Trip Tucker Starfleet uniform was nice in that it had the rank pips, and it went for a reasonable $ 2,026.

I thought the Hoshi Sato civilian costume lot went high at $ 1,825, but there were 8 pieces, including a cool jacket.

The Original Series Sciences Jumpsuit is cool in that it is from TOS, but still quite unimpressive. Still, a TOS item under $ 2,000 is a good deal.

The Distressed Captain Archer jumpsuit from “Zero Hour” was quite reasonable at $ 1,682.

The stunt Spock Commando Uniform went at the reasonable price of $ 1,259. I think that is about right considering it had no belt or boots.

The Enterprise Ladies Starfleet Uniform boots went insanely high at $ 1,225. The winning bidder, maharanidiva has bid high for items on a regular basis, but needs to learn some patience. IAW has a bunch of boots and we have just started to see them.

Great deals to be had………

OK, this is where the great deals started. It was an amazing week for good deals….

The Tom Paris dress uniform at $ 1,211 was a steal. These costumes are rare, and to get it so cheap is just a great deal.

The Captain Janeway Sciences Uniform from “Author, Author” went at $ 1,125 which was an AWESOME deal for a Janeway.

We have seen the Star Trek V Captain Kirk climbing costume a bunch of times, but at $ 1,050 is just too good to be true. I am amazed itr went so cheap.

The Terran Empire blue sciences uniform with the awesome “Avenger” patch went at only $ 1,035.

The White Engineer Radilogical Suit at $ 1,009 was a good deal as it was a beautiful example, though without boots.

The Harry Kim Starfleet Uniform at $ 920 was INSANE. My buddy Dana got this as well as the Paris dress uniform, so he was keeping a sharp eye out.

The Tuvok Starfleet uniform at $ 865 was even crazier, and shows the fatigue that is setting in on these auctions. For two key costumes to go show cheap shows you how people are getting tired and their bank accounts running low.

The Travis Mayweather costume went at $ 811. WHAT IS GOING ON????? This is crazy, and I think I need to start bidding on these. Granted it had an imperfection, but still…..

Finally, my good buddy Jeff Young STOLE a Gray Starfleet Class D Jumpsuit at $ 207!!!

As far as props go:

The Voyager Tricorder with Holster was definitely top prop this week and went for a reasonable $ 3, 829. Used by Neelix, this was a nice example with a character-specific holster, which makes it interesting.

The Captain Picard Desk Tools lot went way high at $ 2,025. My buddies and I were bidding on this and quit around $ 1,400, as I thought these weren’t worth more than that. Someone obviously wanted them badly! Almost $ 700 each seems high for these to me.

The Tom Paris Quarters three pictures went for $ 1,225. Probably about right as these are nice looking and will display well. I guess it would cost you $ 500 for something like this at Z GAllerie, so not bad.

The Enterprise Starfleet Communicator was an Art Asylum version, but had a holster, so pretty cool. At $ 910 a good deal. HOWEVER, I am very disappointed that IAW didn’t state that it was an Art Asylum version, instead claiming it was “cast in plastic”. That is pretty deceptive in my book, and though probably unintentional, it is unforgivable at this point considering the expertise that they have in the form of Colin and Brian.

The Giant 24th Century PADD was a beauty and a great deal at only $ 909. I stepped aside for a buddy on this one, and I know he was prepared to go to $ 2,000 on this.

The Star Trek VI Klingon Linguistics dictionaries are very cool and well worth the $ 889 they went for.

Finally, the Klingon Bat’Leth at $ 860 was about right and a great purchase as these are so iconic.


Best Costume of the Week: The Scotty Class A Starfleet Uniform from ST: TMP was a beauty and even had the sleeve braid.

Best Prop of the Week: The Voyager Tricorder with Holster at $ 3,829 was a great example of a coveted prop.

Best Buy of the week: Gray Starfleet Class D Jumpsuit at $ 207 was an INSANE deal! Way to go Jeff!

Worst Buy of the week: Sorry but the distressed T’Pol Season 3 jumpsuit at $ 7,100 was way too high.

Sleeper of the Week: The Tuvok Starfleet uniform at $ 865 A main character under $ 1,000 is INSANE!


Star Trek: TMP Scotty Class A Starfleet Uniform at $ 7,100

Star Trek: Enterprise T’Pol Season 3 jumpsuit at $ 7,100

Star Trek: Voyager Neelix Tricorder with Holster at $ 3,829

Star Trek: DS9 Cardassian Legate Damar costume at $ 3,050

Star Trek: Voyager “Flashback” Lt. Cmdr Valtane costume at $ 3,050


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