It’s a Wrap eBay auctions – Week 37 Results

Week 37 Results ( A week late! Sorry)

Week 37 saw the zero feedback bidder problem reduced, but it was still there. I specifically did not bid on one item I was going to because the high bid was a zero feedback bidder. It wound up being purchased legitimately, but I know I am not the only one who feels that way.

What we saw this past week was much more like “shill bidding” and a lot less like “interference bidding”. Looks at the second highest selling item, the Deanna Troi Civilian Jumpsuit. The Bid History shows the zero feedback bidder slowly bidding the item up in $ 50 increments, but then stopping.

Whoever is doing this is really messing with these auctions and I hope the situation gets resolved soon. Both buyers and IAW are losing out becuase of a lack of confidence in the auction results.

Last week I made special mention of how one bidder was bid up by a zero feedback bidder on the Nemesis Starfleet uniform jumpsuit to $ 2,375. I urged this bidder not to pay that amount as it was a fraudulent bid. At first IAW refused to budge, but then refunded his money (the right move – kudos to Dominic). The item has now been re-listed.

On to the auctions:

The top costume was the Deanna Troi Civilian Jumpsuit at $ 2,601. That was reasonable for such a recognizable costume. Of course, I prefer Deanna in a Starfleet Uniform, but these were seen throughout the early years of TNG (when she had those awful hairstyles!).

The Reman Warrior costume at $ 1,951 went about where it should. These have been going in the $ 2,000 range. They are beautiful, as are the Xindi versions, which are two piece and come with the shoulder cage, rather than the bolero piece.

I won the Garak Civilian costume at $ 1,892 and was totally stoked about that. While not as popular a style as the Garak “Way of the Warrior” mustard one (which was the basis for the 9″ action figure) or the one that went to a zero feedback bidder for $ 7,100, this one I think is the bets looking of the lot. I am pretty fired up about it.

The Voyager Barclay Starfleet Uniform was a good deal at $ 1,853. A nice black and gray with yellow undershirt that belongs to a beloved character.

The Giant Tom Paris Lot was interesting and at $ 1,820 pretty reasonable as it had a Starfleet uniform and three other costumes. An interesting lot for IAW to post.

IAW also paired Riker’s Starfleet uniform ( a stunt version) with a set of his Pajamas! At $ 1,780 it went a bit high I think.

At $ 1,775, the Lt. Reed lot went pretty much where one would guess. This uniform had pips as well, so a good deal.

I also think the Trip Tucker lot at $ 1,700 was a good deal. Trip is very popular, and so this lot went at a good price. I am not crazy at the items that went with these uniforms, but at least IAW is cleaning out their warehouse!

The Captain Picard costume from “All Good Things” went at $ 1,693, which doesn’t surprise me for a memorable civilian costume. It is pretty sharp.

The B’Lanna Torres lot went for a reasonable $ 1,675 bas it had three costumes. The uniform also had a Maquis rank insignia.

I liked the Enterprise Klingon Costume lot at $ 1,625 as it had three great pieces, a Klingon costume, a Klingon mask and an overcoat. A great deal I think.

I almost went for the Dr. Crusher Holodeck Sailing Costume, but sadly, it had no boots. Still a good deal at $ 1,625 and will look great on display.

As far as props go:

My buddy Jason lost out on the Starfleet Medical Computer, which was a shame, as he already has one and was going to sell his old one to me! 🙁 Well, even the prolific purchaser that Jason is loses out once in a while. This is a great piece, and I think well worth the price. This is a re-tasked DS9 computer that was used in the Voyager episode “Critical Care”. At $ 2,606, a fair price for an important prop.

The Starfleet Distress Beacon was another prop I was interested in. However, I knew it would go over $ 2,000 and wasn’t interested in blowing my budget on the prop. It is very nice, and from a great episode of DS9 “Waltz”, where Sisko and Dukat are stranded on a planet alone. The prop sold for $ 2,281, which was in line with where one would think it would go. A nice piece, that will be cool in someone’s media room!

The Starfleet Starship Panels at $ 2,025 was a great deal for a beautiful piece. I loved this, and my Canuck friend Grant lost out on this because he was being a cheapskate and wouldn’t go to the wall on it. He was crying in his numerous cocktails all night. all I can say is, when you find that perfect prop, you have to bid high! This was worth $ 3,000 in my book. It is stunning. Sorry to rub it in Grant – we all still love you (in a manly way of course).

The Enterprise NX-01 Tactical Console was interesting in that it was a piece with multiple fittings. It went for $ 1,691. If one were to build a nice display for this, it might be pretty cool.

The Enterprise Button Panel Lot went for $ 1,630 and was cool in that it had so many pieces. Lots like this are typically good deals as the per-piece price is pretty low.

The Ankari Summoning Beacon went for $ 1,234. I am not crazy about this prop, but it is from a great episode of Voyager “Equinox” and so pretty cool.

A rubber stunt Phaser Rifle went for a reasonable $ 1,125. I had one of these and sold it as I got a resin one, and they are pretty nice.


Best Costume of the Week: The Garak Civilian costume at $ 1,892 was a beauty (and I won it, so pretty cool!)

Best Prop of the Week: The Starfleet Starship Panels at $ 2,025 was a steal! This is the type of prop that will look AMAZING on someone’s wall!

Best Buy of the week: The Doctor Starfleet Uniform at $ 1,136. What a price for the Doc!

Worst Buy of the week: No really bad deals this week!

Sleeper of the Week: Voyager Starfleet Sciences Blue Uniform was actually the stunt for Jadzia Dax and only $ 685!


Star Trek: Voyager Starfleet Medical Computer at $ 2,606

Star Trek: TNG Deanna Troi Civilian Jumpsuit at $ 2,601

Star Trek: DS9 Starfleet Distress Beacon at $ 2,281

Star Trek: Voyager Starfleet Starship Panels at $ 2,025

Star Trek: Nemesis Reman Warrior costume at $ 1,951


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