It’s a Wrap eBay auctions – Week 19 Preview

Week 19 Preview

A pretty mediocre selection this week, with some decent props. It may well be that we are now settling down into a routine where IAW is listing only a few really good items each week to stretch out the auctions over a longer period of time. It also gives us all more breathing room!

The highest item at the moment is the Major Kira costume at $ 2,280. This is nice as it also has the boots. These have been going high, around $ 3,500, which is way above where other character costumes, have been going. The current price indicates this trend will continue.

The Commander Sisko at $ 1,373 is nice in that the top is from the DS9 pilot “Emissary”. The last Sisko was the Commando costume from “In a Pale Moonlight” that went for $ 3,100. I figure this will go between $ 3 – 4,000.

The Dax costume is sharp. My buddy Dana won the last one of these and it looks awesome on display. This is a First Contact style jumpsuit. The last one went for $ 2,030.

The Geordi LaForge Starfleet Uniform, like the previous one, has fading on the sleeves from storage problems. It went for $ 1,402 last time, but these two piece uniforms have been going high lately.

The DS9 Romulan Uniform is pretty nice. It is only at $ 600 now, but should hit $ 1,500. The last two like these were Tal ‘Shiar versions that went for $ 1,425 and $ 1,535.

The Lore in Pakled costume is a great item and I think a gem. It is Lore’s second appearance in the season 4 episode “Brothers”, and is a great way to get a Brent Spiner costume. But I do not think this will go cheap. $ 1,500 at least.

Where are the bargains to be had?

The Nilva Ferengi costume is a beauty. These have been going at VERY reasonable prices and I would recommend them if you like the Ferengi.

Looking for a good deal? Look at the Starfleet Academy Red Squad Cadet costume. The last one went for $ 710. These are really nice costumes and if you want a Starfleet uniform, this is a good place to start.

The Vulcan Captain Carbon Creek costume is another great item and cheap at the moment. it will probably go about $ 1,000. The detailing is amazing.

As far as props go:

The Medical/Engineering Scanner is the top prop at the moment at $ 1,030. This is a beauty and could hit $ 2,000 as there aren’t a lot of these!

Four Klingon masks have sold for $ 578, 598, 835 and 1,526. The current one is at $ 800 and should go higher due to all the new bidders. I don’t know how many they have of these, but just remember the Klingon trial scene and how many Klingons there were!

The Enterprise Photonic Torpedo is pretty sharp. there should be four of these at least based on how many I have seen in Enterprise. It is big, so you may spend a ton in shipping. You may want to ask about that first.

The gold Enterprise model from “First Contact” is kind of unique, but it is a broken model after all! It is already at $ 355. Not sure how high you would want to go on this.

The Nausicaan sidearm with holster is a great prop and the holster is pretty cool. Few props come like this. It will probably go under $ 900 based on what previous alien firearms have been going for. There are various engineering panels and such, but nothing that truly stands out. A good week for bargain hunting so read every listing and bid wisely.

Good luck this week and good hunting!


4 thoughts on “It’s a Wrap eBay auctions – Week 19 Preview

  • April 25, 2007 at 3:16 pm

    I think the torpedo will go for over $1200 as a guess. FWIW I have a freight company picking up a Da Vinci painting (measures 64x49x7 and weighs 48 pounds) from IAW and delivering it to me in Houston for $150. I would guess the torpedo could be shipped for $200-$350.
    Hopefully we will see some tricorders sometime soon. I would think bidding will be “brisk”.

    Also, I have registered and will have my web guy make a site for all of my props sometime in the next month or so.

  • April 25, 2007 at 3:16 pm

    Alec…Do you display your costumes on mannequins or on hangers? If they’re on hangers…do you keep’em under a plastic cover? Are the costumes displayed with a “theme” in mind? (such as TOS costumes/props here and Next-Gen costumes/props over there and Deep Space 9 by the wall, etc…) Or if room is limited(…Heaven forbid!)what gets displayed? Are the costumes/props “rotated” every few months. Sorry for the barrage of questions.

  • April 25, 2007 at 4:00 pm


    Check out the link to the post I had on how to display your costumes and it will answer a bunch for you. I have two main themes in my collection.

    1) I am building a Captain’s collection, and have Kirk, Sisko and Janeway so far. I need a Picard and a Archer. I also have Stephen Collins “Decker” costume and would love the Harriman costume from “Generations” a swlel as the Braxton costume from the Voyager episode “Relativity”.

    2) I am a huge DS9 fan, so I am building my collection there. I just won the Breen costume and am looking for a Cardassian next. Not sure how many costumes I want, i.e. do I want one of each character, or just the main races?

    3) I am actually going back through my collection and selling 4 of the lots (all movie costumes) that I won earlier as they just don’t do it for me in the grand scheme of things as my collecting tastes have changed since the auctions began!

    4) If I can’t display it on a costumer, I don’t want it. EVERYTHING is on display. Of course, I have not wife or kids and no pets.

    More later….



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