It’s a Wrap eBay auctions – Week 18 Preview

Week 18 Preview

This is absolutely the worst selection we have seen so far. There are half a dozen decent costumes and very few props of interest, so i am going to make this a short one.

The highest item now, amazingly, is T’pol’s After Hours Wear which is currently at $ 2,749. OK, this is insane, and I don’t even want to think of WHY someone would pay such an insane price for pajamas. But that is a ridiculous price for PJs.

The Dimitri Valtane costume is the second complete Maroon movie costume. These are highly sought after, and this should go well over $ 3,000 as it is already at $ 2,325. I think everyone would like one of these as they are so iconic. How many are there at the warehouse? Well, IAW isn’t saying and so we will have to wait and see. But there are probably a dozen or so based on how many we have seen in the movies.

The Breen Atmosphere Armor is quite beautiful. There are at least four sets of Breen armor that were made. Check out the below photo. The Breen commander’s armor is different. He is the one seen on the left. This armor was sold at Christie’s. The one currently offered is the the one on the left in the background. You can see the photos here.

These are really nice costumes and I think will go in the $ 3,500 range, but it could easily hit $ 4,000. I wish it had a gun as well for that nice holster!

The Feature Style Crewman Uniform has been seen before and they have gone in the $ 900 range pretty constantly. This one has a belt though, and so is more desirable. Still, it is much more than one might expect.

The Orange Feature Style Engineering Suit has been seen before, but not with that Orange head gear. We have been trying to place it but can’t seem to. If you have any idea, please let me know. The best we can tell, it might be used in Spock’s funeral scene in ST: TWOK. The last crewman on the right has something in his hand, but even using my DVD, I can’t see if this is it. Either way, this is the fourth one we have seen and the previous three have all gone around $ 2,500.

The Commander Tucker costume
is distressed so should go at a reasonable price. It is at $ 510 now and so should go about $ 1,000. Similarly, the Archer Away Team Jacket is also distressed and should sell around the same price.

The T’Pol Blue Civilian Jumpsuit is a stunt costume, but it doesn’t say so in the description. Rather it indicates the costume tag reads Bonnie Yanagisawa who is a prolific Hollywood stunt woman. It is a nice costume and will display well. And this is a nice way to get a character costume at a reasonable price.

I also like the Dr. Phlox Cold Weather Costume. It is at $ 255 now and should go around $ 1,000. But keep an eye out for this as it could be a sleeper.

Finally, I really like the Tuvok Civilian Outfit. I saw this episode of Voyager recently and really liked it. It is well designed and made with some beautiful fabrics. I think it will look great in someone’s collection.

As far as props go:

UGH! What a lousy week for props.

The Glass Bajoran Panel is rather nice and already at $ 586. It is big at 2’x5′ and pretty sharp. It will certainly be the highest selling prop.

I like the Enterprise Agony Booth Controls which are pretty darn cool and already at $ 450. There have been a lot of these type of panels from Enterprise, which is not surprising since Enterprise was the most recent show. That being said, these items tend to go pretty high. $ 1,000 is not unrealistic for these.

The next best prop is Voyager Non-Humanoid Creature. It would be pretty cool if it was complete, but this looks like a cool way to scare your little sister!

The Enterprise Lantern is pretty nice. I wish that the description noted if this actually worked or not! I am told this was actually used in Voyager as well.

Both the Alien PADD and the Enterprise Dr. Soong’s Lesson PADD are under $ 200 now and should go in the $ 700-900 range. I think that is pretty good and you should look to these if you are looking for reasonable props. The Soong PADD is especially cool because of its historical significance.

Well, that is all for now.

Good luck this week and good hunting!


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  • April 20, 2007 at 12:52 pm

    It’s a shame that T’Pol’s pajamas are going to cost so much considering that as soon as they are removed from the shipping package they are going to be – ummm, errr – distressed.


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