Cool Item of the Week – Week 76

Each week, the members of the Star Trek Prop, Costume & Auction Forum nominate and vote on what is the coolest item of that week. The winner gets the world famous “Cool Item of the Week” award!

Almost caught up!

Week 76:

Well, this race was so close we had to have a run off between the top three! But in the end, my good friend Donna, (whose Maroon Captain’s Uniform
won the award last week for her) found herself with another Cool Item of the Week win!

The T’Pau Minister Robes was clearly the Coolest item in my book, and I am surprised that there was a run off. While the female Klingon Uniform was cool, we have seen those before. And the Gowron Baldric was also cool, but I think the most important, as well as the Coolest Item won.

I actually really wanted this costume, but Donna sent over Guido and Mario and they threatened to break my legs if I didn’t back off. So, after much thought, I let Donna go after it! 🙂


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