15 Star Trek Props Hitting the Market

The original Memorabilia Company in England has 15 props for sale.  The items are choice, but the prices high.

From The Original prop Company:

This collection of 15 props includes a wide range of items, from Scottys torch for £1,295.00 to a 30 year old Starfleet phaser from Star trek II ‘The Wrath of Khan’ and a number of fabulous items made by the specialist Star Trek prop maker Richard Coyle, of RAC Props (www.racprops.com) including a very special Klingon pump-action beaked nose disruptor. A solid very heavy piece made of cast resin with a sliding black pump and painted in the familiar Klingon rust, metallic silver and black colour scheme with distressed finish.   This wonderful piece was screen used in Star Trek VI and has also been matched to an original 1989 photograph on RAC Props website gallery showing the identical piece. Providing the ultimate authenticity for any Star Trek collector and will be sold for £4,495.00 Richard Coyle has also confirmed in writing that he made this special pistol along with other items that will be going up for sale including a still working Klingon Tricorder made for Star Trek V & VI and a fabulous Starfleet Assault Phaser ‘Hero Version’ used in Star trek V & VI priced at £3,495.00. For the smaller budget original Paramount parking passes can be bought for £100.

All the items in this collection were originally obtained from a named Star Trek prop master with written provenance held on our files. Each item comes with full details within the Certificate of Authenticity.

To confirm, the items being listed will go on sale at a stated and fixed price. There shall not be an auction process. However we expect the props due to their rarity to attract widespread interest amongst the Star Trek community and beyond.

Check out their website here:


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