Screen Used Tribbles on eBay

There are currently six Screen Used Tribbles on eBay being auctioned off by Michael Grecco, a photographer who photographed the cast of DS9 for an Entertainment Weekly Story in 1996. Part of the proceeds go to support, which is a must for any Star Trek prop or costume fan. I HIGHLY recommend you bid on these if you want a great piece of Star Trek history!

The eBay ads state:

The authentic (used in episode) Tribble up for auction is from the Deep Space Nine episode “Trials and Tribble-actions”, where the crew of the USS Defiant encounters the Tribbles once more when they accidentally travel back in time and participate in the events of the original series episode (1967), “The trouble with Tribbles.”

Michael Grecco photographed the cast of Deep Space Nine in 1996 (see included photograph) for Entertainment Weekly, for a story on the “Trials and Tribble-actions” episode. It was during this shoot that Michael acquired this Tribble, that is up for auction today.

This is a pretty solid piece of Provenance:

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