Star Trek TOS 3D Chess Set Reproduction

I don’t write about replicas often, but Roger Romage, a good friend of mine, produces some of the finest Star Trek TOS prop and set dec replicas out there.  Roger’s latest project is the original 3D chess set.

From Roger:

So many of you have asked for this over the years and now this fantastic item is brought to you by exclusive agreement with Starfleet R&D East. We are proud to offer these for a fraction of the price of an original set, if you can even find one!

This is a PRE-ORDER item and should be ready to ship within about 3-4 weeks.


  Molded from a Pristine Unopened, Unused Sealed Set
  Constructed using State-of-the-Art Molds
  Molded in Color
  Cast in Solid Urethane
  Precision Laser Cut Felt Bottoms
  Expertly Constructed and Finished by a Well Known Prop Maker

These chess pieces were used quite often, in many episodes. You may remember Charlie melting a set with his mind powers.

I only have 7 sets available! That is all the mold can handle before it wears out. After these are gone there will be NO MORE! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so don’t delay, order today!

I am offering them at a special price of $239.99 + $10.00 S&H. 
For more information contact Roger at: [email protected]  Roger is a great friend of mine and you can trust him.


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