The Sword of Kahless

I had made an off-hand comment about the Sword of Kahless from the Star Trek Experience being hero in a previous blog post, but it turned out to be a replica.  Fortunately, there are a lot of cool Star Trek collectors who immediately sent me screen caps and when we went to Vegas to pick up the assets, we confirmed it was indeed just a replica.  The hero is in someone’s collection out there!  
I know Max Cervantes, prop maker extraordinaire, and an all around nice guy, had confirmed with me that there were 3 stunts made.  And all 3 are accounted for (one in my collection, one in my good friend Donna’s collection and one with the CBS archive).  But we don’t know who has the Hero.
Anyway, after a bunch of trolls on the Replica Prop Forum took cheap shots at me for mentioning that it was a hero (haters gonna hate!), I corrected the blog post and here offer some photos of Gill Hibben, who made lots of knives and Bat’Leth’s for Star Trek, making the STTE Sword of Kahless.  Thanks to Brian Roskamp (Trekker670) for the photos.

And the Hero in a screecap from “The Sowrd of Kahless”

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