New Star Trek set pieces from IAW

As promised, here are photos of the set pieces IAW has from the new movie.

As you can see, there are not any really great pieces. IAW also had a series of photos playing on a plasma TV and the ONLY item of interest was a nacelle from one of the shuttle craft. I think those collectors who are still willing to do business with IAW, and there are a lot of collectors who are now boycotting IAW, will be somewhat disappointed in what is for sale.

Moreover, with the departure of Colin Warde, IAW has no one with any serious Star Trek expertise to identify the items. Combine this with the fact that the movie isn’t on DVD yet and thus there is no reference for current IAW employees to use, and you will find the descriptions will probably be lacking. Those that were at the Vegas con didn’t seem to know what it was they had.

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