Romulan Senate Robes for sale at Hollywood History

From “Hollywood History”

“A costume featured in the tenth Star Trek feature film “Nemesis”. These are the robes of a member of the Romulan Star Empire Senate, it is composed of a gorgeous gold under robe with long sleeves that zip to fit at the cuff, have a slit up the legs, and features interior collars to appear more flush in the same multi-colored square style as the Romulan fleet uniforms from the same movie. The outer robe is made of a subdued gold fabric featuring thin, black, pinstripes, a metallic-copper interior lining with elbow length, kimono-inspired bell-sleeves, and an open front that has matching tassels sewn on. All of this goes over a sage-colored dickie with white dots that ties up the back and features a Mandarin style collar. This costume includes a dark-gray, resin cast, pin-backed Romulan senator’s badge.”

$ 1,099

I think this is a good price on an outstanding costume. If you don’t have one, they display beautifully and I love mine.


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