High End Replica Tricorder from EFX

With the demise of Master Replicas (It was bought by Corgi and then faded into the sunset), EFX has taken up the banner of high end replica props. Barry and Bryan, the two founders are industry vets, and EFX has secured a number of licenses, Star Wars, Disney, and Star Trek. An avid Star Trek Prop, Costume & Auction Blog reader recently wrote a review of the new TNG era Mark IX Tricorder which I am happy to print, as EFX items are top quality, and worthy additions to a prop collectors collection.

EFX Mark IX Tricorder

The Mark 1X Tricorder, as sold on the Entertainment Earth web site,. is a copy of the tricorder used by LT. Cmdr. Data in Star Trek First Contact. The casing of the tricorder is cast metal with a plastic battery door that attaches to the tricorder with four screws – the same as the original prop. The tricorder comes with all of the bells and whistles you would normally get in a high quality replica including a prop stand and a numbered plaque. It is loaded with LEDs and has the original science tricorder scanning sound – all of which engage when the tricorder trip switch is thrown by opening the door/flap of the tricorder. The only sound issue that I see is with the opening of the tricorder. The ratchet sound is a fabricated electronically rather than having it built into the door itself. This slightly takes away from the overall aesthetic affect of the prop.

Being made out of metal, the tricorder is very heavy, perhaps too much so for any real prop enthusiast to enjoy playing with because you feel like you’re going to drop it when you pick it up and you wonder whether it will fall off the custom stand. But rest assured, it is very secure. If you already own the Master Replicas First Contact Phaser, then this is a good sister prop to add to your collection because both are made out of metal and both display similarly on their custom stands.

Overall, it’s worth the $349.00 U.S. (compared to the $249 that EFX Collectibles had it posted on their web site for) that Entertainment Earth charges considering the Roddenberry.com props go for more than double this and when you add in that this is limited to 684 pieces and comes with Brent Spiner’s signature, you can’t go wrong. I don’t doubt that these units will triple in price on Ebay within six months of initial delivery so if you have the $349.00 to spend, get it now.

Rob Ball

EFX Collectibles Web Site


2 thoughts on “High End Replica Tricorder from EFX

  • March 31, 2010 at 8:51 pm

    Thanks for posting, Alec. It looks like EFX has read your blog. They have now put a limit of 1 per customer ont the prop and have jacked the price up over $150 to $499.99

    You should have bought it earlier!

  • March 31, 2010 at 8:52 pm

    The $249 figure on the EFX website was the price for those who already put down a $100 deposit a few months back. $349 is the "standard" price, but most places are sold out already, so if you can still find it for close to that – get it! Secondary market prices are already climbing. Mine has not arrived yet, but reports from the prop boards indicate a very high satisfaction rate so far.


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