Over 1500 downloads! & Propworx Auction FAQ

As of today we passed 1500 downloads of the Star Trek Auction catalog! Thank you all for sharing your comments about how much you love this catalog!

So, some questions that keep being asked:

When: Sunday, August 8th

Where: Las Vegas Hilton at the Creation Star Trek Convention

Will there be a print version of the catalog?

Yes. The print version will be shipped the week of the San Diego Comic Con and available there at our booth as well.

How do I order the catalog?

We will have an order page up soon. Make sure you check out the Star Trek page on propworx that will launch this week. The Catalog will be $ 30 or 2 for $ 40. We are doing this because a lot of people buy one catalog to mark up their wants and use it at the auction, but they want one for their collection. So we are discounting your second copy!

Can I bid online?

Yes! We will most likely be using the same system we used for the Iron Man auction. You will be able to bid in advance, like on eBay, or bid from anywhere in the world!

Do I need a ticket to the Creation Star Trek Convention to attend the auction?

Yes! Sorry, but you have to buy a ticket, which are readily available. And why wouldn’t you want to? The convention is great!

So there you go! We will be launching the Star Trek portion of our web site this week and will be updating it every few days. So stay tuned to www.propworx.com!


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