Doug Drexler Collection Update

As many of you know, I have been working with Doug Drexler on selling his 200+ items that he collected over 17 years working on Star Trek. While the BSG auctions greatly reduced the time I had to spend on this, we have picked up the action on Dougs collection and made some big moves. First and foremost, Doug’s collection will be the centerpiece of a Star Trek auction we are working on for Q1 2010. We have been talking to a bunch of other Star Trek luminaries as well, and the auction is shaping up to big a blockbuster! I have even had preliminary discussions with CBS about being involved and we think the auction, while not having the amazing quality of items the Christie’s auction did, will be way more fun!

The Star Trek Auction weekend will be what you have come to expect from Propworx. It won’t just be an auction, but an event, with a full series of “behind the scenes” panels with the people who actually created the shows! I think we are all a bit tired of the soulless, tedious Star Trek conventions where we see the same stars and same dealers. We want to have an event with the people who created the props, costumes, art and sets we love so much. We want to hear their stories and help fill in the blanks about how these treasures were created.

We will also have a full museum quality display of not only the items in the sale, but all Star Trek props & costumes (with some items from the new movie I hope if we can get Paramount to participate). And lots of fun things to do all weekend. The idea is to have another fantastic auction experience like the BSG auctions.

We are beginning a full cataloging of Doug’s collection and collecting other items this month and next after we finish the BSG auctions next week. Expect to see a preview of Doug’s items as we lead up to the auction with articles on many of the items in the catalog. And the catalog will be up to the usual Propworx standards. We hope to make it almost a companion to “The Art of Star Trek” with interviews and details about the people who created our favorite show.

So keep reading and we will keep you posted on what is happening.


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