Tricorders are a good value!

A few Tricorders have sold within weeks of each other at the Premier Props and Screen Used auctions.  The take away is that prices are down on Tricorders.

There were two static Mark IX Tricorders.  The one at Premier sold for $ 799.50 (including BP) and the one at Screen Used sold for $ 1,180 (including BP).  Pretty close, and this establishes an $ 800-1,2000 range for a static Mk IX.

PREMIER PROPS STATIC TRICORDER  $ 650 & $ 149.50 BP = $ 799.50

Check out the auction page here.


SCREEN USED STATIC TRICORDER  $ 1,000 & $ 180 BP = $ 1,180

Check out the auction page here.


On the Hero front….

A Hero Mk X sold at Premier Props for $ 2,337.  Check out the auction here.

While the Screen Used Mk X Medical Tricorder went unsold.  Check out the auction here.

With an opening bid at a very high $ 4,750, the Tricorder didn’t sell.  It was a medical one, so very nice, and had a holster.  But this is WAY above where the market is now for Tricorders.  I think it sells at $ 3,500.

So that is it for now!


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