The Jem’Hadar Pistol

The Jem’hadar pistol was seen as an alien weapon as well (without the front cowl).  This one is from my collection.  I also got the Jem’Hadar rifle from Profiles as well at the same auction.
We see a lot of the Jem’Hadar pistol in “One Little Ship”
Used by both sides!
A close up of the pistol from “Tacking Into the Wind”
The last pistol was sold in Profiles in History Hollywood Auction 40, June 2010
Lot 1515. Hero Jem’Hadar Pistol from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. (Paramount-TV, 1993-99) Cast resin pistol with vacuum-formed hood, painted grey with color accents. First used in the episode, “The Jem’Hadar,” and subsequently used throughout the series. Built by HMS Creative Creative Productions and measures 9 in. long.
Sale price $ 1,800

Per Star Trek guru Jorg Hillebrand:

The Jem’Hadar pistol, in this incarnation without any modifications, appeared in three more episodes. It was seen as a mirror universe weapon in “Through the looking glass” (used by Smiley O’Brien) and “Shattered mirror” (used by the Intendant).

In “Marauders”, two dirty Jem’Hadar pistols were seen as nondescript alien weapons.

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