The Bajoran Phaser Rifle

First seen in the season 3 Star Trek:Deep Space Nine episode “Shakaar”, the Bajoran Phaser Rifle was shorter and bulkier than other phaser rifles, but its differences made it interesting.  
The Original Production Sketch of the Bajoran Phaser Rifle by Jim Martin
From Star Trek: The Magazine

Deep Space Nine: “Shakaar”

Voyager: “Flesh & Blood”

The most recent sale of one of these rifles was in Profiles in History Hollywood Auction 40 for $ 2,250.

Thanks to Jorg Hillebrand for the screencaps!  I have asked Jorg to review every new post and add what he thinks is important.  If you don’t know Jorg, he is the premier Star Trek resource.  If you need to know something Star Trek, he is your man, and frequents the Star Trek Prop Forum.

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