Star Trek Archive – Identifying Props

Over the last two years I have been able to help CBS with their Star Trek archive.  First, flying to ST. Louis and Orlando and cataloging the props & costumes at the Star Trek exhibition, then by housing and cataloging the props from the Las Vegas Star Trek Experience museum exhibit. 

Now CBS has a great young lady named Holly who is in charge of the cataloging everything and she is doing an amazing job.  The other day she sent me these photos and asked me to identify this prop.
Of course I sent it off to Jorg Hillebrand in Germany.  As many of you know, Jorg is simply the best at identifying props from Star Trek.  He has a near photographic memory and is the go to guy when you need to get a screen cap of a prop or costume.

So Jorg came up with this:

Jorg wrote to me:
I can tell you that the small device was originally made for Geordi’s interface suit in “Interface”. The prop was modified after this, though, and I seem to remember having seen it in a later episode, can’t place it at the moment though.

Holly then sent me this image from the CBS inventory.  So supposedly, according to this doc, it was used as Soren’s communicator in Generations.  Jorg is still looking, but I didn;t find it in Trekcore.

But this is the type of thing that is fun about this hobby.


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