Another fake TOS Communicator on eBay

Another fake TOS prop is up on eBay, and this time, the seller was told by members of the Trek Prop Zone (the forum for collectors of replica Star Trek props), that it was fake.  But he didn’t listen and kept the listing up,and it of course didn’t sell.  It is, as always, worth making a note of this and saving the photos.  The dead give away is the extended metal plate.  And the TPZ members even identified WHICH replica kit it was!

From the eBay ad:

This communicator prop from Star Trek TOS was sold to me by Forrest J Ackerman from his person collection in 1997 for an undisclosed price.  While Forrey had been a good friend for many years, he only agreed to sell me the prop after a decade of my relentless cajoling.  Though I hate parting with it, recent financial concerns have forced my hand.  Besides, it’s time someone else enjoyed the prop as have I these many years. 
This prop was seen only in long shots, and is not one of the pristine models used in tight close-ups.  Constructed for durability (props were always being dropped during filming) the antenna hinge employs hardware less fragile than that found in the close-up models. 
The display case features corporate logos providing a very brief historical overview of the original series – which was greenlighted by the unsung visionary Lucile Ball herself when running Desilu,
The prop is accompanied by a letter of authenticity from Mr. Ackerman on his stationary.

Ok, so a few problems.  First, everyone knows that half the stuff in Forrest J Ackerman’s collection was fake.  Word is that he used to loan stuff out, and the unscupulos people who borrowed things copied them returned fakes and sold or kept the real ones.  So saying it is from Ackerman’s collection is not good provenance.

As always, when in doubt, check with the Trek Prop Zone or the Star Trek Prop, Costume & Auction Forum.


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