Archer Command Uniform for Sale on eBay

The Prop Store of London, one of the good guys in prop and costume collecting, have a Captain Archer Command Uniform and Jacket on eBay. This is a combination of two Archer items that were sold on eBay by IAW in April of 2007. Prop Store has put this up with a $6,669 price on a Buy It Now.

The jumpsuit is the distressed version sold by IAW here. It went for $1,292.89 and that low price was because of the significant distressing and fake “goo” used on the uniform.

The jacket was sold by IAW for $1,370 and is viewable here.

Being a collector of Captain’s costumes, I generally try and keep aware of the market for these. Archer’s have gone for $4-5,000 in general, with distressed versions going much less (Generally under $2,000) . For example, my Archer, the one used in the final episode “These are the Voyages” is rare because of the two patches, sewn on name tag and epaulettes. I bought this from IAW for $5,000. Use that for comparison here.

These two Archer items originally sold for about $ 2,700 total, so $6,669 is a huge mark up from that price. Nothing against Prop Store of London, as they are a business and need to make a profit, but considering where the market is, this is priced high. If these were pristine versions, I think the price would be in the ballpark. But considering they are distressed, I think this should be in the $ 4,000 range.

Of course, Prop Store is very professional, and you will be well taken care of and the item shipped well. They will also be present at Comic Con if you are going, and if you see there booth, say hi to Stephen, the owner and Tim, his assistant. Two great guys.


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