The Dreier Collection Auction Review – Part II

The Weapons

I am going to cover the weapons in this article.  There were 16 weapons (2 of which were the Klingon Bat’Leth and Mek’Leth) and thus 14 phaser weapons.  Sadly for me, very few were Federation weapons.

Prices have settled into a very predictable range, with generic props going in the $ 700-800 range, known races in the $ 1,000-1,200 range and hero weapons in the $ 1,500-2,000 range.  Note this is for ALIEN races and not Federation phasers, which of course, go higher.

I note all prices WITH the Buyer’s Premium (23%).

Lot 223 Static EVA Phaser Rifle from “First Contact”

There have been a few of these out there, and I paid $ 5,000 for my hero, which is about right for hero versions.  At $ 3,997.50 this is fair as it is much rarer than the standard Type II phasers.  Plus it is just damn cool!

Lot 198  Romulan Disruptor Pistol

At $ 1,045.50, this is a good deal. If you collect alien phaser weapons, then I think you start with the major races…Klingons and Romulans.  So this is an important piece, and used throughout TNG through Voyager.

Lot 210 Hero Romulan Disruptor Rifle

Labeled a “Hero” as there were no working versions of these rifles.  They are pretty darn nice as I own one and they are very beautifully painted.  Of course, to be a Romulan completist, you will need to also get the “V” version of rifle used in TNG.  At $ 1,168.50 this was right around the $ 1,200 these usually go for.

Lot 211 Cardassian Disruptor Pistol

I love this weapon and have one.  There were no working versions of this pistol, just resin and rubber versions.  Very reasonable at $ 1,107.  I collect all the DS9 alien races and so have costumes and props from these races.  Each costume has matching weapons, both pistol and rifle versions.  Building your collection like this is a great way to create a theme that tells a story.

Lot 206 Quark’s Phaser
This is said to be Quark’s, but it is not clear WHY Profiles makes this claim.  Yes, they show a photo of Quark using a weapon like this, but is it screen matched?  The Profiles photo is the reverse angle of the screen cap and so you can’t tell.  I have had this issue before with Profiles.  They claim items are used by specific characters without proof.   Either way, at $ 1,353 this is fairly priced even if NOT used by Quark.

Lot 213 Vulcan Phaser Pistol

A re-purposed Ferengi Pistol from DS9, this went for a very strong $ 1,968, which I find very high, giving this the worst deal of the auction.  But it is only about $ 600 too much, so not that bad.

Lot 215 Jem’Hadar Phaser Pistol

This pistol is missing the barrel cover and I have to give Profiles credit for noting that in the description.  None the less, as I mention above, this is another one I have, which goes with my Jem’Hadar costume.  At $ 922.50, reasonably priced.

Lot 199 Alien Phaser Pistol

Used by a few different alien races, note that it is also the same as the Suliban pistol below.  At $ 799.50 you get a decent looking weapon, and I think you don’t pay more than this for a generic weapon.  $ 600-800 is about right.

Lot 231 Working Suliban Phaser Pistol

I liked this one a lot.  It lights up and was a primary weapon in “Enterprise”.  At $ 1,845 it was reasonably priced.  

Lot 229 Sulban Phaser Pistol

The other Suliban pistol used in “Enterprise” it also lit up and was a good deal at $ 1,230 as it also was a light up version!  This was the one used in “Broken Bow”.  I kind of like the Flash Gordon retro design.

Lot 223 Prototype Phaser Weapon

Advertised as made as a prototype for Star Trek: Enterprise, Star Trek prop maker extraordinaire Mike Moore from HMS says that it was originally made for Voyager and then submitted later for Enterprise and rejected.  Not my style, but a few people bid on it. It went for $ 861.

And the other weapons:

Lot 203 Trill Phaser Pistol  – $ 738

Lot 204 Alien Phaser Pistol – $ 738

Lot 216 Alien Phaser Pistol from Voyager – $ 861

So overall, no surprises and prices have settled into predictable ranges.  I am looking forward to future  

Tomorrow is a review of the rest of the Dreier Auction.


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