The Dreier Collection Auction Review – Part I

The Dreier Collection auction from Profiles in History was certainly one of the best Star Trek auctions Profiles has brought us in years.  Dreier was one of Profiles most prolific buyers and so built a huge collection.  He was also a Star Trek fan, especially TNG and so has a great collection of props.  

I am breaking this post up into two, and then I will review the Profiles Icons of Hollywood Auction.You can also review the auction items on the iCollector site.

So here we go….

 Lot 183  Original Tribble from TOS

The TOS Tribble went for $ 3,382.50.  This is HALF of what a TOS Tribble went for in the last Profiles auction ($ 6,755).  And this shows an important point.  Once an item sells at a high point, the next time a similar item comes up it will have less bidders bidding it up.  And in the previous auction, the third bidder didn’t bid very high, then in the next auction the under bidder will, if he is still after the piece, will have a lot less competition. 

Lot 184  Matt Jeffries Klingon Battlecrusier Concept Sketch

This went for $ 2,767.50, which is probably about right for this.  Any of these sketches is valuable to a TOS fan, especially those of us who remember them from “The Making of Star Trek” book.  Those in the book are certainly more valuable.  

Lot 185 William Shatner “Kirk” TMP Wrist Communicator

There has been a lot of bad information about this piece.  In fact one individual has claimed to own this piece (Twice!) when he didn’t.  My next two articles will be about this very piece.  But let me say, that assuming the provenance is strong, this piece was the best deal in the auction.   But rest assured, the proof will be delivered after my usual exhaustive research.  I should be wrapping the whole thing up tomorrow.

Lot 187 Walter Koenig “Chekov” Brown Leather Jacket

A pretty good deal at $ 2,767.50.  The was what Chekov used through out Star Trek IV.   I think a main character movie costume is always a good piece to anchor your collection.

Lot 188 Borg Costume

The beauty of this piece is the mannequin.  It sold for $ 15,990 and probably a fair price based on its displayability.  It was a beauty and very well executed. 

Lot 189 Klingon Costume

Identified as a feature film costume, and interestingly, with Kruge’s boots from Star Trek III (thanks to Don Gaffney for pointing this out).  The price of $ 11,685 was high for a Klingon based on previous sales in the $ 6,000-9,000 range.  But still, these are enduring valuable pieces that are a hug addition to any collection.  

Lot 192 Commander RIker’s Back-Lit Control Panel

This is an interesting piece and went kind of high at $ 4,305.  No provenance on this, so I am curious where it is from, but very cool indeed and a great piece for a Riker fan.  Would look great next to his jumpsuit.

Lot 195 Patrick Stewart Picard First Season Jumpsuit

I said this was headed over $ 10,000 and it wound up at $ 13,530.  This is certainly the premier Patrick Stewart costume and shows that Captain’s costumes remain strong.

Lot 198  Romulan Disruptor

Notable in how cheap it went at $ 1,045.50.  I am surprised that there are so few people after one of these.  A good deal.

Lot 200  Worf Distressed Costume from “Genesis”

Some people love distressed costumes as they are immediately recognizable and easily screen capped to a particular episode.  

Lot 201  Hero Metal Bat’Leth

Interestingly titled:


Yet there was no proof that Michael Dorn ever used this.  Now, possibly because it is metal and Michael Dorn probably picked up every metal Bat’Leth made.  Still at $ 7,380 I think it is way over priced.  Rubber Bat’Leths have sold around $ 1,500, and there are several metal Ba’Leths floating around, so it seems pretty high.  Still, one of the truly Iconic props from TNG.

Lot 202  Star Trek Isolinear chips and holders

20 Isolinear chips and three holders for $ 9,840?  Are you kidding me?  WORST BUY of the auction.  This is just crazy.  

Ok, more to come tomorrow.  This would be a long post, so I am breaking it up.  

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