Profiles in History – INSANE PRICES

Well, the new Profiles in History auction catalog is out and available on eBay as well. You can find the Star Trek Items here.

Now I know PiH lets consignors set the opening bids, but many of their Star Trek items are just ridiculous. The prices often have no basis in reality and many sellers are just trying to make a quick buck. (The Doctor Chaotica costume sold last year for $ 2,700 at Screen Used Props and now that buyer expects the bidding to START at $ 4,500!).

Someone needs to tell Profiles in History and the consignors, that the market is flooded at this point. With over 7,000 items sold in the past 17 months, it’s a buyer’s market.

So what is totally overpriced?

The Klingon Costume at an opening bid of $ 10,000 is absolutely insane. I know the seller bought this at Christie’s and so could have paid over $ 9,000, but I bought one just like it for $ 2,500 last year from IAW. Yeah, if you bought a Klingon costume at Christie’s you are WAY under water, like a lot of homeowners these days.

The Geordi LaForge uniform starts at $ 4,500 and is WAY overpriced. An identical costume with a comm badge and boots sold for $ 3,000 at Christies. So why would this seller think that it was now worth 50% more WITHOUT the comm badge and boots? A Generations LaForge just sold for $ 4,055 WITH a VISOR.

The Distressed LaForge Tunic is an even worse buy. A $ 3,000 starting bid????? Give me a freaking break. That is a $ 1,500 item MAX.

Same with the Worf Tunic, which is distressed. Starting bid is $ 4,000, but this is a $ 2,000 MAX, even with the comm badge.

The Model Miniature Casket/Probe sold for $ 2,200 at Christie’s and now the seller wants $ 6,000? What drugs is this guy on? This guy expects a 3-fold increase in price for a mediocre prop in 17 months? Get a life.

The Data Head Appliance snd Lore’s SFX Thumb are both crazy at $ 4,000 starting bids. On eBay, these are $ 2,000 props max.

Finally, a Burned Starfleet Uniform with an opening bid of $ 1,000? This is MAYBE a $ 500 item, since you can get a perfect one for under that on eBay from IAW.

All I can say is AVOID THESE COSTUMES. PiH doesn’t seem to want to come to grips with market realities, and they have nothing you can’t get for significantly less on eBay through IAW.


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