Profiles in History Auction Results

The new Profiles in History auction ended with mixed results. Some items went very high, many did not sell. Here is a rundown:

894: Scotty’s Tunic was an unused Class C and sold for a reasonable $ 1,200.

895: The Star Trek III Phaser went for a staggering $ 14,000. However, it was NOT the one Profiles claimed They claim it was used by Kirk in the final scenes on the Genesis Planet, but the one Kirk is holding has flashing lights and this one does not. None the less, this was a huge price for this piece. This is one of the good things about profiles. They can get big prices for things.

897: The Star Trek III Communicator’s, history is in question, even according to Profiles. PiH claims it comes from an associate of Jein’s (unnamed) and that it was made at the same time as the others for Star Trek III, but wasn’t made for the production. Sounds like some prop guy made an extra one for himself. At $ 1,000 a good deal though.

898: The Klingon Costume actually sold for an astounding $ 10,000! IAW was selling these in the $ 2,500 range. So a pretty big surprise here.

899: The Klingon Bird of Prey Wing Section didn’t sell, but basically because it was over priced. It was a great prop, but the market is way less now. Did Not Sell

900: The Geordi LaForge uniform sold for an astounding.$ 13,000. An identical costume with a comm badge and boots sold for $ 3,000 at Christies. A Generations LaForge just sold for $ 4,055 WITH a VISOR on IAW. Again, Profiles has a group of bidders who have more money than sense sometimes, but maybe that is a good thing for those of us who want to sell!

901: The Distressed LaForge Tunic was a bad deal at a $ 3,000 starting bid and didn’t sell. That is a $ 1,500 item MAX. Did Not Sell

902: The Geordi holo-Suit Apllicator was a tiny 1 1/2″ long prop and the opening bid was $ 1,000. Way overpriced and not a meaningful prop. It was also TINY! Did Not Sell

903: The Model Miniature Casket/Probe sold for $ 2,200 at Christie’s and sold here for a very strong $ 6,000. I am amazed this sold at this price. Models that were much more impressive have sold at half this price (Like the awesome TNG Enterprise D Shuttlebay).

904: TNG Medical Scanner Did Not Sell

905: The Marina Sirtis Starfleet Uniform went for $ 13,000. Another big surprise which was WAY overpriced compared to current market sales.

907: The Data Head Appliance sold for its opening bid of $ 4,000. Pretty rich, and I am not sure I want Data’s scalp!

908: Lore’s SFX Thumb started at $ 4,000 and didn’t sell. Pretty over-priced. Did Not Sell

910: The Worf Tunic, was distressed. Starting bid was $ 4,000, but this is a $ 2,000 MAX, even with the comm badge. Did Not Sell

911: The Burned Starfleet Uniform failed to sell with an opening bid of $ 1,000. MAYBE this is a $ 500 item, since you can get a perfect one for under that on eBay from IAW.
Did Not Sell

912: The TNG Cobrahead Phaser went for a reasonable $ 1,300.

914: The Picard De-Assimilation Neural Link was a joke at $ 1,500 and a crappy prop. It didn’t sell. Did Not Sell

920: The Trill Computer from DS9 failed to get off it’s outrageous starting bid of $ 6,000.
Did Not Sell

924: The Doctor Chaotica costume failed to sell with a starting bid of $ 4,500. It sold last year for $ 2,700 at Screen Used Props. The buyer needs a reality check. Did Not Sell

927: The Static Starfleet PADD was claimed to be from First Contact, but it is clearly NOT. In fact Trek expert Jorg can’t find this PADD ever being used. It is in fact a Cardassian PADD repainted, and the photo Profiles uses isn’t even of this PADD! None the less, it sold for $ 1,500. It was pretty cool and unique.

So, overall, some crazy prices on some uniforms, and a lot of unsold props which were either undistinguished or just plain overpriced. I think some sellers need to understand that the high starting bids won’t get their items sold. But still, a good selection and some good buys.


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  • April 24, 2008 at 3:27 pm

    Hi Alec,

    I miss the 0926:Picard phaser rifle from Star Trek: First Contact in the list.

    Kind Regards,



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