Spock Headband for sale by Tom Spina

Tom Spina is a prop restorer, and one of the best in the business. I first met Tom at the Christie’s Star Trek auction and have done business with him and chat with him whenever Star Trek is the topic he needs a “fix” of.

Tom has one of Spock’s headbands from Star Trek IV:The Voyage Home and has put it up for sale. It was originally from IAW. Here is Tom’s description from his add on the Star Trek Prop, Costume & Auction Forum:

An original Spock headband from The Voyage Home – $1999 shipped (or best offer) in the US. Comes with shown display stand and a COA from It’s a Wrap who got the item directly from Paramount. The second pic shows the inside of the headband – the folds are stitched closed through the center of the piece but the ends are not so they “flare out” as shown.

email [email protected] with any offers and thanks!


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