Premier Props Star Trek Items

Premier Props has an auction this weekend and there are 13 Star Trek items in it.  You can find the auction on iCollector here.
The first 5 items, Lots 570-574 are pretty medicore background costumes.  Not worth any discussion. 
The next 3 items, Lots 575-577 are signed scripts.  Two from Voyager and one from Deep Space Nine. 
Lot # 578 is allegedly a bottle from TOS.  However, it appears to be a fake. The bottle is called a Kluk Kluk and there are two types of this bottle, a clear one and a smoked one.  One of the top authorities on TOS set decoration says the one in the show was a smoked one, and this one is clear.  He looked at the photo and said it wasn’t a match, a judgment shared by others.
So how does Premier Props justify saying this is from TOS?  There is no provenance, and no screen capping.  Are they just taking the consignor’s word? 
Lot # 579 is Screen Used Makeup from Star Trek: The Next Generation.  At first glance this looks like a full head mask from Star Trek VI.  But it says in the description that it is makeup and hair mounted on a bust for display.  I think if you are interested in this item you need to call up Premier Props and get some more details. 
Lot # 581 is an Odo makeup appliance which I think is pretty cool.  If you are a DS9 fan I would think this a good piece.  Probably a $ 500-800 item.  It is well displayed and comes with an autographed photo.
So while there is not a lot here, there are a few good items.  Just make sure you get all the information you need before biding!
Good hunting!

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