Goings on…

Sorry for not updating the blog folks. On Friday, October 31st, while you were all celebrating Halloween, we moved out of our Vancouver, Canada studio offices and I drove to L.A., a two day drive. On Monday we unloaded 5 trailers full of Battlestar Galactica props, costumes & set pieces into our new warehouse.

That was a crazy day. I flew down Rob Moser, the Galactica construction foreman who loaded the trucks, to supervise their unloading. It was quite a process and we had a forklift and 10 people on hand who worked all day to unload the trucks. We have one full warehouse!

I then had to change apartments, as the one I rented in Irvine was incredibly noisy (Fortunately the development in Newport beach where I had looked also still had the unit I wanted available).

I then flew back to Atlanta, and have been working on the BSG auction catalog with my trusted assistant Joe. Forum members Damaris (Mystique) and Katie (VulcanK) have been helping in that endeavor too.

Now I am off for 3 days of paintball in teh woods of North Carolina. A much needed rest, because I am exhausted! But I will be back writingt blog posts next week, so stay tuned.

I also got a massive box from IAW yesterday that included my Sword of Kahless. I am one happy camper!

See you next week!


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