One Collectors experience at the Vegas Star Trek Convention

The best thing about my hobby, besides the fact that I got to turn it into a business, is that I have met so many great friends who really enrich my life. Since meeting Dana Hammontree in the line outside Christie’s for the 2006 Star Trek Auction, I have made a ton of freinds through this blog, the Forum and even Propworx. This is the experience of a lot of collectors, and what makes the Star Trek Prop, Costume & Auction Forum unique among prop sites I think. We are all big fans and we love sharing and hanging out on a regular basis, especially at the Las Vegas Star Trek Convention.

Here is the story of Francis Scofield, as told in his words…..

Where do I start…

My version of the convention was filled with acts of kindness, starting with Katie and Steve. I was staying at my brothers’ house in Vegas, but they let me change clothes and costumes in their room more times than I could count. Katie even got me a third key. Thanks guys. It really helped.

Next, Susie and I met up and got in line to get our Weekend Pass wristbands. A total stranger walks up to us and says he has extra Captain’s Chair passes and if we would like them for free. You bet! This enabled us to give ours away to Lyn and Susie’s sister. Thanks to whomever you are.

Many of us had dinner together that night, and Donna paid for everyone. It couldn’t have been cheap. You are a kind and generous woman Donna, thank you.

When we went into the auditorium to see the various panels, Renee (Scooby) did her best to put our group of four up front in the empty seats, and watch out for us to not get caught. Very kind. Thanks Renee!

I paid for a photo op with Armin Shimmerman, but got my days crossed and I missed it. Blind Susie and I (in full Quark gear) were walking through the vendor’s area when I bumped into Rene Auberjonois. We shook hands and spoke for maybe 10 seconds when he told me to turn around. Guess whom?!

These guys were on their way to the stage, and Rene told Armin “we gotta go”, but Armin told him to go on ahead so he could spend a few moments with me. We talked for about 30 seconds and then he had to go. Other people tried to stop him for a photo op, but he kindly refused and continued on toward the stage door. Armin, thanks for my ‘Sybok’ moment with you. You stopped for me and you didn’t have to. Very generous.

Susie and I, armed with our new ‘Captain’s Chair’ passes, went to the Stratosphere party. We saw and spoke with many Trek cast members. Connor Trinneer was being mobbed by people, so it was difficult to get any time in. Not his fault he is so popular!

I had about 20 min of 1 on 1 time with John Billingsley and I gotta say he is every bit the kind man you think he is. I asked him for the inside answers on why ‘Enterprise’ was cancelled, and he methodically explained every angle. I feel that I finally got the ‘true’ story. John, you are a class act, and now I know why you are my favorite Enterprise character.

The next day was full of non stop photos and flashes to the point where I was seeing spots for a while. But here comes Katie chasing me down and says that someone wants to meet me. Me? Guess whom?! Max Groedenchik!

He came out from behind his booth and spent a considerable amount of time talking with me, and posing for photos. He is really a thinking kind of guy, and very professional. He was concerned about proper lighting and poses for the best pic possible with me. We spoke about my cane, and he said it ‘felt right’. Katie, you know Max better than I, and you pulled this together without me even knowing. Thanks again to Katie and Max for making that a cool moment for me.

Susie knows I am her good luck charm, and she mine. No suprise the costume contest churned out the same results as last year. Susie totally won, and I told her she would before the contest began…just like last year. Seeing as only half of my costume was screen used, i didn’t feel bad about entering the contest. I couldn’t compete with a cool Borg or Susie shakin’ it, but I did tie for third! After wearing that very tight mask for 10 hours that day, I think I earned it. Our board should be proud that 50% of the winners were our guys.

My last night in Vegas was mixed at times, but things ended on a very good note.

….and the only person whom knows what I am talking about likely won’t kiss and tell. :wub:


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  • August 18, 2009 at 4:35 am

    I love how francis shares the story of his weekend in vegas. It's the stuff that dreams are made of! And it reminds us all how special our star trek conventions, costumes, experiences–and, most of all, our star trek "family"-are. Thanks for sharing. Carolan


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