Week 112 Preview

Well, because I am so buried trying to get out 800 lots of Battlestar Galactica props & costumes, my good friend Katie is going to guest blog!
Stardate February 2, 2009:
Here we are in Week 112, according to the startrekpropcollector.com Archive. Can you believe it – who knew IAW had this much to offer? With rumors flying around that the ‘end is near– the end is near’ just like the ‘sky is falling’ – Collectors of props and costumes are amazed in what has turned into weeks, months, and years that these auctions just keep going!
This week in particular seems be packed with fabulous costumes featured from TOS through the ST Movies. A rarity is a costume from the Original Series (TOS) from the episode “The Enemy Within” a blue jumpsuit worn by a researcher from planet Alfa 177, a rare costume indeed!
For the Captain collectors, IAW has pulled out a Captain Picard “Commando” Variant Uniform Lot, which is a combination Hero and Stunt and would be perfect for someone who can’t live without a piece of the great Jean Luc!
If Picard is not your Captain of choice, there is a Kate Mulgrew civilian lot up for auction consisting of a turtleneck sweater and a black blouse that would be a fabulous addition to any VOY collection.
One of the most well known costumes up for auction is Leonard Nimoy’s Vulcan Robe and Tunic costume from the Undiscovered Country. We don’t see many Spock costumes, and this is a nice piece, though incomplete.
Another well known movie offering this week is the Command Red Dress Uniform featured in Insurrection, DS9 and ST X, which would be a nice addition (and probably a reasonable price) to any Star Trek collection.
If you are a ST I fan, there is a Civilian Federation Costume as well as a shirt from the first Trek movie. Another Costume Lot featured in the big screen is a Star Trek II Khan Henchman Lot, for those Khan Noonien Singh lovers. The head piece in this lot is very nice and a great color.
For the DS9 collector, IAW has a Commander Kira Nerys Red Starflee uniform, a nice item for the Nana Visitor or DS9 fan that was used in Season 7. For the unusual Trek Prop collector or if you just want to start, a skinned Klingon Targ prop used in the ENT episode “Sleeping Dogs,” would be a great conversation piece for those boring cocktail parties.
These are just a few of the items that are up for Week 112, it appears to be a great week for the Trek Collector. After two years and one month, still going strong and if we are lucky, IAW will continue auctions with these types of treasures.
Katie Harrison.

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