More IAW and Direct Sales

Well, a few people have said IAW has told them they are not doing Direct Sales anymore. I have left Colin a voice mail to confirm.

But to those of you who wonder, I first contacted IAW last summer about this direct sale I did my blog post on. IAW took their time (they were buried at the time, and hadn’t trimmed down their staff at that point), and finally this past march I got to inspect the items I had wanted, and then they sat there while I waited for other things they owed me to show up before I finally paid for the direct sale. So it really was a year long sales cycle.

Also, I am told by two forum members that they wanted items that they asked Colin about in Vegas, and instead of selling them direct, Colin put the items up at auction this past week. Both members were perfectly happy with that solution.

And if you still want to bitch, about 1 in 5 people polled heard about the IAW auctions through my blog. I am their # 1 source of advertising. So maybe they wanted to do something nice for me (and thanks to Dom and Colin for doing the sale) as a way to show their appreciation.

More auction reviews this weekend.


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