Martin Netter buys out IAW Star Trek Inventory ?

Well, based on piecing together some information from various sources, it appears that Martin Netter (filmweltberlin on eBay) has purchased the rest of the Star Trek stock from IAW and there will be no more auctions.

I cannot be sure of this, but a few items make this the likely scenario for IAW firing their warehouse staff.

1) Martin Netter was in LA last week.

2) Martin has bought large amounts from IAW before.

3) Martin backed out of a deal to buy the Raptor from BSG.

4) Martin told Universal he was in LA to buy a big collection.

5) IAW fired everyone in the warehouse who worked on Star Trek, which they would not do if they were going to continue the sales on eBay.

When I have confirmation of this, I will let you know more.


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