It’s a Wrap eBay auctions – Week 94 Results

85th week of IAW auctions (auctions ending October 3rd)

While this is the 85th week of auctions, It is titled Week 94 to be consistent with the Star Trek Auctions Archive.

There were 103 items this week and IAW saw its best week in two months. Only 5 items topped $ 1,000, but the auctions totaled $ 33,186.

The Costumes

The Gorkon distressed costume went for a very strong $ 4,202. IAW has been showing this one for a while and Dom even wore it at Vegas last year. It is the second Gorkon we have seen and this one featured the Phaser hole in it. This one is neither complete no accurate in that the gauntlets are wrong, but still a great costume.

The Commander Morag Baldric went high, continuing a trend for Klingon Baldrics going well over $ 1,500 lately. These are nice, and do make a Klingon costume even cooler than it is. But the prices are way too high I think.

At $ 1,255, the Jadzia Dax Starfleet Uniform was a good deal. This is the rare jacketed version. Now I will say, I have seen Jadzia’s jumpsuits, and they look great, but this is much scarcer.

Captain Picard Starfleet Uniform wasn’t worn by Patrick Stewart. It was made for him it seems, but never used. Still, at $1,234 it was a steal and my Deal of the Week.

A TNG Operations Gold Uniform went for a healthy $ 1,225. A lot for a costume that had fading and wasn’t a hero version.

One of the most interesting costumes was the Starfleet Engineer’s White Radiological Costume – Forced Perspective. Made for the scenes in Engineering, where a “forced perspective” was used. This is where objects in the back of the set are smaller so that there is increased perspective, making the set look much deeper than it is. My buddy Anthony got one of these last year in Vegas for his son Michael, and you can see Michael wearing his suit here.

The buyer of this one got a great deal I think. A pretty scarce item.

The Props:

The Ferengi Disruptor Rifle at $ 735 was a pretty good deal. Of course this is actually a Romulan Disruptor Rifle, and this is NOT one of the ones modified for use by Ferengis.

Right behind the Ferengi Rifle, was a rubber Vulcan RIfle. These are pretty cool and I almost bid on it. At $ 676 a very good deal I think.

I liked the Enterprise Bridge Flight Stick and think it was a good deal at $ 576. You don’t see one that often, and I would like to see screencaps to see if it was in fact one used in a Shuttlepod.

I really liked the Enterprise 1950’s Vulcan Energy Pistol from “Carbon Creek”. A very cool piece that shows the evolution of Vulcan pistol weapons.

Finally, the best deal in the props category was the rubber Cardassian Disruptor Rifle at $ 405. I paid twice that for mine about 4 months ago!


Best Costume of the Week: The Gorkon distressed costume was clearly the best costume!

Best Prop of the Week: The Enterprise 1950’s Vulcan Energy Pistol from “Carbon Creek” was VERY cool!

Best Buy of the week:
The Captain Picard Starfleet Uniform at $1,234 was a STEAL!

Worst Buy of the week: None! Keep up the good work!

Sleeper of the Week: The rubber Cardassian Disruptor Rifle at $ 405 was a great buy if you got past the fact it was in 4 pieces (and easily glued back!).


Star Trek: VI Gorkon distressed costume at $ 4,202

Star Trek: TNG Commander Morag Baldric at $ 1,500

Star Trek: DS9 Jadzia Dax Starfleet Uniform at $ 1,255

Star Trek: TNG Captain Picard Starfleet Uniform at $1,234

Star Trek: TNG Operations Gold Uniform at $ 1,225


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