It’s a Wrap eBay auctions – Week 93 Results

84th week of IAW auctions (auctions ending September 19th)

While this is the 84th week of auctions, It is titled Week 93 to be consistent with the Star Trek Auctions Archive.

There were 81 items this week, almost all props. There were only two costumes and two costue accessories. Only 2 items topped $ 1,000, which is a reflection on the lower overall quality of the items. However, it was a good, broad selection, with some cool props and many good values.

Some people are complaining about the selections of items, but I think IAW is just running out of great stuff.

The Costumes

The Cardassian Military Uniform went for a strong $ 2,878. These are great costumes. I have Garak’s and it really looks fantastic on display. I would suggest getting a good Cardassian Pistol replica, which looks cool and adds a bit of color to this all grey uniform.

A Voyager Command Red Starfleet Uniform went for only $ 743. A great deal and I would reccomend everyone get one at this price!

The Props:

The Klingon Mek’Leth with attached Borg Arm was pretty darn cool, and at $ 1,009 a pretty fair deal. IAW notes that “The mek’leth is not the one used by “Worf” in the scene but is included to complete the lot. ” The arm is showing the typical signs of detrioration for these foam and latex props. I do like how IAW paired these two items up, because I think how you display something is always important. This will make a really cool and very recognizable display if you display this well. Contact Jeff at Screen Used Props and he will give you a discount on his very cool displays if you are a member of the Star Trek Prop Forum.

The Xindi Hand Gun with Holster was a good buy at $ 848. I love these weapons as the paint job is so cool. The holsters look great as well. At this price, a great deal.

The Enterprise Starfleet Communicator with Circuit Board from “Shockwave” was pretty cool. Granted it is only an Art Asylum piece, but still, at $ 687 it was a good deal. The Circuit Board really makes this set.

The 24th Century Molded Phaser and Tricorder Props was an excellent deal. At $ 607 it gave the winner two iconic props. Of course they were the molded foam background versions but cool none the less.

Four Star Trek III Genesis Planet Microorganisms went for a cheap $ 565. A great deal when you figure out you get a classic Star Trek prop for only $ 130 a piece!

Finally, I won the 13th pair of Romulan Senate Stools auctioned off by IAW. I havce been waiting for the right time and this was it! At $ 410, this was by far the lowest price yet on these. I intend to pick these up from IAW and use them in y new SoCal apartment!


Best Costume of the Week: The Cardassian Military Uniform was one of only two costumes this week, and even at $ 2,878, a worthy costume of the top prize.

Best Prop of the Week: The Klingon Mek’Leth with attached Borg Arm was very cool and a good deal at $ 1,009.

Best Buy of the week:
My win of the Romulan Senate Stools at $ 410 was a steal!

Worst Buy of the week: None! Good job all!

Sleeper of the Week: Gray 24th Century Carry Case!


Star Trek: DS9 Cardassian Military Uniform at $ 2,878

Star Trek: First Contact Klingon Mek’Leth with attached Borg Arm at $ 1,009

Star Trek: Enterprise Xindi Hand Gun with Holster at $ 848.

Star Trek: Voyager Command Red Starfleet Uniform at $ 743.

Star Trek: Enterprise Starfleet Communicator with Circuit Board from “Shockwave” at $ 687


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