It’s a Wrap eBay auctions – Week 90 Results

81st week of IAW auctions (auctions ending August 29th)

While this is the 81st week of auctions, It is titled Week 90 to be consistent with the Star Trek Auctions Archive.

Wow, only 43 listings this week! But there were some high dollar items that made it a strong, though thin, week.

The Costumes

The Commander Riker two piece Starfleet Uniform went strong at $ 4,156. Well, he is a popular character, and so the price doesn’t surprise me. A solid buy and a costume that will definitely hold its value.

OK, the costume of the week though is a TOS costume! Yep, an honest to goodness TOS costume that IAW has held back for almost two years. Here is the complete description:


A costume believed to have been featured in the Star Trek episodes “The Trouble with Tribbles” for wear by William Schallert in his portrayal of “Nilz Baris” and in “Wolf In the Fold” for wear by John Fiedler in his portrayal of “Hengist”. The costume is a set of trousers and a jacket top colored dark green. The trousers feature a zippered fly with multiple buttons, pockets, and slits in the front of the ankle cuffs. The jacket top features a blue strip up the left side seam, a Velcro seal at waist height, unopened pockets on the front, inside pockets and an original manufacturer’s tag sewn in reading ‘Academy Award Clothes, Los Angeles’

The costume was a great deal at $ 3,207.

The Nemesis Viceroy costume is awesome, but sadly has no boots! In a costume like this, I find that disappointing. generally, I dont care a bout shoes or boots, but in this costume, they are an essential part of the costume. Giles Aston, my good friend, forum member and Picard
look-alike, has one of these and the boots relaly are spectacular. So, though I am not crazy about this, at $ 3,205 it is still a nice costume.

Now, once again we see an Original Series Sciences Jumpsuit. This one went for a healthy $ 2,356, which was more than the $ 1,800 or so the previous ones have averaged. I happen to think these are pretty ugly, but none the less, it is from TOS.

At $ 1,976 the Geordi LaForge costume from First Contact was pretty nice and with boots will look awesome on display. I really like this one, and I am not big on civilian costumes usually.

Commander Chakotay’s Starfleet Uniform at $ 1,526 was pretty fair for a nice costume WITH a rank pip!

A First/Second Season Red Command Jumpsuit went for $ 1,325, which shows how popular these red command background jumpsuits are.

The Vulcan Maiden Costume & Jewelry Lot went surprisingly high at $ 1,235. Kind of boring on my book, but that is just me!

The 6th Captain Kirk Rock Climbing Costumes sold for $ 1,125. Now this has become a running joke, but this is actually a great deal on a costume that was Kirk’s! So if you want a Kirk, ther eis no cheaper way to get a complete Kirk costume.

Finally, I love the Starfleet Prototype Uniform Jumpsuit at $ 909. What a cool piece of Star Trek history!

The Props:

There were four props, and they all were pretty poor. Move along, nothing to see here………


Best Costume of the Week: The Nilz Baris TOS costume was a gem!

Best Prop of the Week: None! Hardly any props, and what there was sucked!

Best Buy of the week: The Captain Kirk Rock Climbing Costumes at $ 1,125

Worst Buy of the week: None! Good job all!

Sleeper of the Week: The Starfleet Prototype Uniform Jumpsuit at $ 909


Star Trek: TNG Commander Riker two piece Starfleet Uniform at $ 4,156.

Star Trek: TOS The Nilz Baris TOS costume at $ 3,207.

Star Trek: Nemesis Viceroy costume at $ 3,205

Star Trek: TOS Sciences Jumpsuit at $ 2,356

Star Trek: First Contact Geordi LaForge costume at $ 1,976


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