It’s a Wrap eBay auctions – Week 67 Results

63rd week of IAW auctions (auctions ending March 28th)

While this is the 63rd week of auctions, It is titled Week 67 to be consistent with the Star Trek Auctions Archive.

Note that I will not generally be covering Buy It Now items, as they are mostly background costumes, or boots or uniform parts. None of which is either interesting or important to write about!

This was a big week for costumes,the exact opposite of last week! Some very good costumes and very few spectacular props.

The Admiral Kirk Civilian Costume went for $ 5,301 and was pretty fairly priced I think. It had neither the jacket or belt buckle that the two that sold at Christie’s for $ 10,000 had, and it had some moth damage. But still a fair deal for an important costume.

The Nemesis Reman Viceroy Costume certainly upstaged the Kirk costume as Costume of the Week. At $ 3,828, it was rich for a stunt costume, but that is because the Reman Warrior costumes generally go for $ 2,000 (and rightly so as they are stunning!). So this went for $ 1,800 more than that which certainly is justified by cooler, knee-high boots, a cape and a knife and scabbard! I wish we would see more spectacular costumes like this. But i know IAW is holding many of the best costumes till the end.

The Star Trek V Spock Commando costume was a bit high at $ 3,050 I felt as the undershirt wasn’t Spock’s, and there were no rank or even boots. There have been a bunch of these, so I don’t think they are too special, but none the less it is a Spock and so very cool for the new owner.

The Counsellor Deanna Troi costume went for $ 2,650 and I think that was a good deal for a beautiful costume that even came with rank pips. A Nemesis style of Troi’s went for $ 2,651 in week 23 and her non-uniform costumes have been going around $ 3,000.

The Vice Admiral Patterson Costume from Voyager’s episode “Relativity” went for $ 1,294. I think this is a lot less interesting than the TNG style with the deep V in the front, but it is an Admiral none the less. Priced about right here.

While I don’t mention the Buy It Now’s as they are mostly common and uninspiring items, I will mention the Nurse Ogawa Maternity Uniform. Forum superstar and graphics specialist Chrissy from Australia, won this for $ 1,200, which was a good deal as this is pretty unique.

Finally, I won the Kor, the Dahar Master costume lot for $ 677 and was pretty fired up about it. I had John Colicos at the last show he ever did back in 1999. It was a Battlestar Galactica reunion and John was everyone’s favorite guest. He was such a gentleman and sadly died shortly thereafter. I have a photo of him as Kor that he personalized to me and I look forward to displaying it with this costume.

As far as props go:

The Xindi Repitliian Rifle went for $ 1,592 and it was a light-up version, which we haven’t seen before. Forum member Jay got it after he had agreed to sell me his non-functioning one a few weeks earlier, so I guess he is trading up! These are truly spectacular props and I am happy to be getting one. The paint job on these rifles is not short of amazing.

The Enterprise Romulan Console was a good deal at $ 1,225 and went to my buddy Anthony. I would have gone for it, and I really love these, but I simply don’t have enough space to display it! So I am glad it got a good home.

I won the Vulcan Lirpa from the Enterprise episode “Kir’Shara” for $ 1,075 and am pretty happy about that. This is one of those semi-iconic props that everyone knows and has seen. It was of course made famous in the TOS episode “Amok Time” where Spock and Kirk kicked the crap out of each other with them! This of course is the updated version from “Enterprise” and well worth the price.

Forum members Donna and Chris won the Romulan Senator Stools for $ 1,044. There seems to be an unending sup[ply of these, and I hope so as I really want a pair for my new home theater (so don’t ever get to my place late or you wind up watching Star Trek on these!).


Best Costume of the Week: The Nemesis Reman Viceroy Costume at $ 3,828 was a beauty and definitely the best costume this week!

Best Prop of the Week: The Xindi Repitliian Rifle at $ 1,592 is a stunner that you need to see in person to appreciate.

Best Buy of the week:
The Starfleet Uniform Jumpsuit Command Gold at $ 565 and the Starfleet Uniform Jumpsuit Sciences at $ 544 were both STEALS!

Worst Buy of the week: None. Stay smart everyone!

Sleeper of the Week: Lt. Reed’s Universal Translator from “Demons” was cool and well priced!


Star Trek: IV Admiral Kirk Civilian Costume at $ 5,301

Star Trek: Nemesis Reman Viceroy Costume at $ 3,828

Star Trek:
V Spock Commando costume at $ 3,050

Star Trek: TNG Counsellor Deanna Troi costume at $ 2,650

Star Trek: Enterprise Xindi Repitliian Rifle at$ 1,592


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