It’s a Wrap eBay auctions – Week 65 Results

61st week of IAW auctions (auctions ending March 15th)

While this is the 61st week of auctions, It is titled Week 65 to be consistent with the Star Trek Auctions Archive.

Note that I will not be covering Buy It Now items, as they are mostly background costumes, or boots or uniform parts. None of which is either interesting or important to write about!

The Cal Hudson Starfleet Uniform was used by famous character actor Bernie Casey in the DS9 episodes The Maquis, Parts I & II. This lot even came with two scripts, which is a nice touch. At $ 1,358, a reasonable buy for a TNG two piece by a named actor.

The Future T’Pol Civilian Costumes were a great deal at $ 987. For two costumes, you can’t go wrong! Now we all would prefer a T’Pol jumpsuit, but a $ 3,000+ we also need to be realistic. So getting these was a good move.

The Borg costume from Descent Part I & II was a steal at $ 961. For a full Borg costume to go this cheap is amazing. This was a nice one and had all the right pieces. and since these aren’t like the foam and latex ones from the movies, it will last longer. Stay away from the foam ones as they will disintegrate quickly. (Some already have started). This will need a full mannequin, but will look great when displayed.

The Captain Kirk Nexus uniform from “Generations” was incomplete, not having the vest he wore and it was a stunt costume, but still cool and at $ 928 reasonable. If you need a Kirk, you can either get a civilian costume or a stunt uniform. Depends how bad you want a piece that Shatner wore. Both options are less expensive than a full blown Kirk costume. (I am sure there are more rock climbing costumes!).

At $ 810, I really liked the Enterprise Away Team Jacket prototype. This is one of those unique pieces that shows something of the evolution of the costumes and I think it looks great.

The Ensign Vorik Starfleet Uniform at $ 798 was a great deal on a character costume from Voyager. A smart buy and I like these in Operations gold. Background costumes of this type gor for at least this much, so bravo here!

As far as props go:

The Enterprise Half a Missile was cool and will look great mounted on a wall. My buddy Daryl bought one and then upgraded to a whole missile and it is truly impressive. I think this was reasonably priced at $ 1,253.

The DS9 Turbo Shaft Model went for $ 999 to model maniac Adam. I am not sure how all the pieces go together, but I am sure Adam will figure it out.

The Enterprise Communicator and Translator were very cool, though sadly, not the working versions my buddy Anthony snagged at the Vegas Con. He had paid $ 1,800 for those and that was a good deal. So $ 910 for non-working versions is about right I think.

At $ 899, the Quantum Dated Xindi Probe was a great deal for a beautiful prop that has some great metal craftsmanship to it. A prop like this probably cost Paramount a few thousand to get built. I like this one a lot and think the buyer got a very good deal.

The LCARS style Computer Interface Panel went for a healthy $ 895. I guess that is OK, but there are so many of these panels, that I think they just aren’t that rare. However, they are rather iconic in that every TNG era show has had them.

The DS9 “Waltz” prop and concept drawing lot was interesting as it had Sisko’s cast from that Episode, 4 Dabo chips and a lot of copies of concept drawings. I had some interest in this, but the fact that the drawings were just copies made me back off. None te less a cool lot and at $ 622, a good deal, since Dabo chips by themselves have been going at $ 500 a set of four.


Best Costume of the Week: The Borg costume from Descent Part I & II at $ 961.

Best Prop of the Week: The Enterprise Half a Missile at $ 1,253. Who wouldn’t want one?

Best Buy of the week:
The Borg costume from Descent Part I & II was a steal at $ 961.

Worst Buy of the week: Nothing this week!

Sleeper of the Week: The TNG Lt. Worf Civilian Costume at $ 545 was a great deal.


Star Trek: DS9 Cal Hudson Starfleet Uniform at $ 1,358.

Star Trek: Enterprise Half a Missile at $ 1,253

Star Trek:
DS9 Turbo Shaft Model at $ 999

Star Trek: Enterprise Future T’Pol Civilian Costumes at $ 987

Star Trek: TNG Borg costume from Descent Part I & II at $ 961.


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