It’s a Wrap eBay auctions – Week 107 Results

Auctions beginning December 26th.

Sorry for being so far behind, but the BSG auctions have been dominating my life. Such a large project requires a lot of time and effort and I have little free time.

The one thing I will say, is that much of what I have been saying about the poor communication from IAW and Dom, I can now verify is true. Since day one, Dom and Tiara have been saying they can’t answer all the email, and of course Dom never returns a phone call. I get emails all the time from people asking me how to get IAW to respond to them. (Note that Colin is usually good here, but Dom a disaster). Well, at Propworx we reply to every email we get and I personally call every person back who calls me and I actually give everyone my personal phone #. We also have a forum that we engage our customers on. Customer Service just takes some effort. I will detail some of this in my upcoming 2 year IAW review.

Back to the auctions….

I use Burt’s system of auction week numbering now. It is based on when auctions start. Check out the Star Trek Auctions Archive for any information you need on the IAW auctions!

The Costumes

The Terran Empire MACO costume went to forum dynamo Donna at $ 3,605. It didn’t have a back pack, since they didn’t use them in the Mirror Universe, instead they had tactical vests, which appear to have been rented, as IAW has never sold them. These have been going in the $ 3,000 range consistantly, and this was a bit higher than normal. Still, a lot of stuff here!

The Admiral Forrest Starfleet Uniform was an important costume and at $ 2,380 a decent price. I never liked the neck tie, but these are cool costumes and an important part of Starfleet history, as was Forrest. This one also comes with a Universal Translator.

The Voyager Doctor Photo Double costume was nicely researched by Colin (and/or Colin’s assistant). I always give Colin high marks on how well they research the items they list. This went for $ 1,325 and was probably fairly priced. We generally see stunt costumes for major characters going around this range.

The TNG Command Red Starfleet Jumpsuit went for $ 1,001 and was probably about right. Command Red is always in demand, and the two pieces get much higher prices. These are nice costumes that look fantastic on display as the colors are pretty vibrant and the costume so iconic.

After this there are mostly background Starfleet uniforms of various types and the prices were LOW. You all need to pay attention and try and steal one of these! Some great deals to be had.

The Props:

The Nemesis Style Starfleet Phaser Rifle is a goodie and a great buy at $ 1,500. This shows where prices are, as I paid $ 2,000 for mine two years ago. These are nice pieces that display well and will always hold their value at this price.

The Star Trek III Specialized Puppet Genesis Planet Organism was kind of cool. We have been seeing these microorganisms for two years now, but this one is different. It was used to simulate the microorganisms moving around and to be used by a puppeteer. A very cool piece and it got a healthy $ 890 Model collector extraordinaire Adam, from the Star Trek Prop Forum, won the DS9 Upper Pylon Weapons Placement Model. Adam already has pieces of this he won at Christie’s and from IAW and I think he is trying to re-create DS9 in large scale! At $ 567, a good deal for Adam.

Finally, I think Dabo Chips are finally a good deal. At $ 371, the Dabo Chips from Quark’s Bar were priced right!


Best Costume of the Week: The Admiral Forrest Starfleet Uniform was an important costume and at $ 2,380 fairly priced.

Best Prop of the Week: The Nemesis Style Starfleet Phaser Rifle is so cool, and at $ 1,500 a fair deal!
Best Buy of the week:
The Jadzia Dax Photo Double Costume at $ 485 was a STEAL!

Worst Buy of the week: NONE! Good work everyone!

Sleeper of the Week: The Dabo Chips from Quark’s Bar were priced right at $ 371.


Star Trek: Enterprise Terran Empire MACO costume at $ 3,605

Star Trek: Enterprise Admiral Forrest Starfleet Uniform at $ 2,380

Star Trek: Nemesis Starfleet Phaser Rifle at $ 1,500

Star Trek: Voyager Doctor Photo Double costume at $ 1,325

Star Trek: TNG Command Red Starfleet Jumpsuit at $ 1,001


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