IAW payment policy violates eBay policy

Because of the Battlestar Galactica auctions, we now have an account manager at eBay who I get to discuss eBay policies and listing practices and such with. Well, I know from our own experience listing very valuable items, that you MUST take Paypal for any item you offer with no restrictions.

I found out this week in an email from Dom at IAW that they require a wire transfer for any amount over $ 2,000. Well, that violates eBay policy and you can’t require that. So when I was paying for $ 12,000 worth of items I bought from IAW this AM, I used PayPal. I am sure IAW is going to hear from their eBay account manager about this, so we may see the stated policy change soon.

I am sure IAW is trying to avoid the 2.9% fee you pay when using PayPal. However, that is the cost of doing business. When we were calculating our % with Universal for Battlestar Galactica, I figured in both eBay and PayPal fees as costs that we would have to absorb.


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