IAW, Martin Netter, silent on sale

Well, I believe that the IAW sale of the remaining Star Trek assets to Martin Netter is a done deal. Dom emailed me yesterday and when I asked him to confirm, he didn’t email me back. Of course that is business as usual for Dom, but Martin also saw the blog post and didn’t deny it on the Star Trek Prop Forum.

I am 99% sure this is the case. What will Martin do with everything? Well, he just stores everything now in a warehouse where his cats run loose among the items. He talks of an exhibition of his Star Trek items, and I hope this is the case. But the failure of the Star Trek Tour, makes such a prospect unlikely I think. I do wish him the best of luck though and hope we get to see everything!


One thought on “IAW, Martin Netter, silent on sale

  • March 18, 2009 at 3:37 am

    I think you’re right on this one. I purchased a trinket item from IAW, an outfit used in “Unity” for ony $77, and for the first time they were almost immediate in sending me a total invoice. Usually, when I buy stuff from them, they take forever to respond with a price including shipping costs. And, as you know, they always overcharge on the shipping! I delayed a bit on payment this time around because they delayed on shipping the last time I bought something. Surprisignly enough, they send me two more invoices. This could only mean that they were intent on “Wrapping Up” loose ends.


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