IAW Fires Warehouse staff

It appears that most of the IAW warehouse staff has been let go. I have confirmed that both Colin Warde, the guy we all turned to when we had an issue, and Gil Maldonado, the shipping manager, have been let go. In fact, word is that IAW has fired ALL the staff that worked on the Star Trek project.

In addition, IAW has taken down almost all of the week 116 auctions. Only 3 are left.

I have have contacted Tiara to confirm that this does not affect those of us who have thousands of dollars in product waiting to be shipped. I got her voice mail and left a message. I will post again when I hear back from her. I have asked simply to give some reassurance that everything will be shipped that is owed.

More soon…. Alec


I spoke with David from IAW on the phone and he said that there is NO issue around getting your items. Yes, they are undergoing a reorg. They have two new projects that they need to make space for (maybe a bigger warehouse David said) but while there may be a slight delay with Star Trek items being shipped, they WILL be shipped and everything is fine.

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